Cutest Cats That You Must Keep at Home - All of the cat lovers should know about these cats. These are the cutest and the most adorable cat in the world. In Asia, Persian and Angora types are the cats that are most widely preserved, while the Europe and America, we can find other types of cute cat. If you are now looking for a cat to look after, maybe these five cats can be your best choices.

1. Persian Cat

Persian Cats/kittens

Persian cat is known as a very cute and adorable pet that is really popular in some Asian country like Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Japan, and other countries. This type of cat is very popular because it has soft fur and it also belongs to a calm cat that can make people love it.

2. Exotic Shorthair

Excotic shorthair Cats/kittens

When you see the posture, this cat is very adorable. It can make many people want to keep it and play with this cute little cat. Exotic Shorthair cats are usually very cautious about the person that they have just seen, so they need to adapt for a long time. However, after they recognize their new owners, Exotic shorthairs can become very friendly. This can is also known to be very loyal to the owner.

3. Angora

Angora Cats/kittens

This cat has the original name of Turkish Angora, the second most popular cat in Asia after the Persian cat. According to its name, we may suggest that this cat originated from Turkey, precisely in Ankara area. In the location, this cat is called Angora only. Angora belongs to a long-haired cat race. The body of this cat can move agile and strong and it is also known to be a smart cat.

4. Bengal

Bengal Cats/kittens

Bengal cat or also called the Blacan cat is coming from California, United States. This cat is the result of a cross between American Shorthair and the Asian Leopard Cat. Bengal cats have a unique leather pattern because of the offspring from Leopard. Although it is classified as a type of cat forest, many cat lovers keep this type of breed for a pet.

5. American Bobtail

American Bobtail cats/kittens

American Bobtail is a cat race that has short tail. This cat has existed since long ago in America. However, this cat breeding program only started around the 60's. This cat is one of the funniest cats in the world that can be an option to be kept at home.

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Well, those are five cutest cats in the world that you may keep at home. In fact, there are so many other cats which also have funny faces. So, you may decide whether you prefer those five cats or you may pick the other ones.