How to Bathe Your Cat or Kitten
The Right Way to Bathe Your Cat or Kitten - Your feline friend also needs bathing just like us. The difference is, she doesn’t need to bathe every day like we do. Then, only cat that ages three months or older allowed to be bathed. Nursing cats are also not allowed for bathing, she needs brushing only to keep her hair fine. Okay, now, let’s check together the right way to bathe your cat.

1. Preparing cat’s bathing stuff

How to Bathe Your Cat or Kitten

  • Plastic tub with warm water (choose the size that is big enough for your cat to be in and convenient enough for you to bathe her)
  • Cat’s shampoo, talc/perfume
  • Comb
  • Blower (it’s better using this than hair dryer)
  • Regular towel and smooth towel
  • Cotton buds

2. Bathing Your Cat

Wet your cat’s whole body; First, wet the cat’s whole body with warm water carefully. Carefully to not let any water enters her ears, eyes and nose. So, it’s better for you to your wet her hair directly with your hand.

Starts using shampoo; Carefully shampooing your cat while massaging and rubbing her hair so the shampoo can clean her hair until the deep side.
How to Bathe Your Cat or Kitten

Rinse your cat’s hair; After the shampoo goes well on the cat’s whole hair, then, rinse until you see there is no trace of the shampoo on her body.

Dry your cats hair; Dry your cat using smooth clean towel, rub her whole body slowly until her body dry. Then, for faster drying, you can use blower or hair dryer. Or, if possible, you can sunbathe her outside.

Clean the cat’s ear; It’s recommended to clean the cat’s ear after bathing. Use cotton buds with baby oil (optional). Carefully clean her ear like you do on your own ear.  Cleaning her ear is essential to make her ears stay clean and away from any germ and dirt.

3.Tips for Bathing Your Cat

Trim the cat’s nails before bathing; This is necessary to do to minimize the possibility of cat’s scratching on us during the bathing. But, remember to trim a little only of her nail. If it’s not enough, you can file her nails to make them dull.

Use cat’s hair brush during bathing; During bathing, you can use special brush for cat so the shampooing process ca go well on her body. Do it slowly and carefully.

Know the right time for bathing your cat; Normally, cat needs to be bathed once a week, but it depends on the condition of your cat. If her body gets dirty easily, you might bathe her soon.

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Those are some tips for the right way to bathe your cat. Hopefully it can be a help in bathing the beloved pet. Make your cat stay clean and healthy with proper bathing. Thank you for reading.