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5 Best Cat Toys to Make Your Cats Smarter - Hello cats lover! This article will tell you about 5 education toys to make your cats smarter. Having fun with pets are very recommended things to build love and comfortable feeling between you and pets. By the way, If you have 2 cats at home, what are you going to do to make them smarter? Surely, you have a lot of time to educate your cats. you can purchase or design the games for cats. well, let’s skip, and here 5 good education toys for cats at home.

How to set 5 educational toys to makes your cats smarter

1. Place interactive puzzle toys

Cats love to play with hole, ball, and many moving things that they can find around. Place puzzle toys in the room. You need old shoebox, balls, and holes for cat playing with. By using a lid and tape, this toy is safe fo cats.

2. Simple food puzzle with plastic glass

Puzzles are favorite cats toy which can be designed yourself. All you need is to make holes, and plastik glass with foods inside it. Place 3-4 plastik glasses in each holes, and let your cat plays with that holes and the food. This is so funny and you can make video in this momment.

3. Have fetaher and string in the house

Education toys to make your cat smarter can be feather and ball. Those two games are really simple to make or you can purcahse it from cat toy shops. It is recommended for kittens to make them active and health. They can jump, catch the fether, and fight for having fun.

4. Set water games on the bowl

Cats do not like jump into the water. but, this time your cats will play with plastik small balls and water in the bowl. Colorful of small balls makes your cats  can not stop touching the balls. And this game is climed to form cat’s cognitive intelligence. You can change the balls with colorful marbles. You can use a map to place the bowl.

5. Obstacle game on the wall

Obstacle game is one of recommended games to improve cat’s agility. You can design your own obstacle game at wall home. The agility is important for cat when your cats are joining the agility competitions. So, you must train your cats from now and  do not let the cats afraid to jump from one obstacle to another.

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Education toys to make your cat smarter can be designed as you need. So, find out another sources how to make simple cat toys.