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Brushing Your Cat? Here Are Mistakes to Avoid - Brushing your cat brings lots of benefits to your cat. While it is great if you brush your cat routinely, there are lots of common mistakes you may have done. If you want the full benefits of cat brushing for your cat, the following are the mistakes you need to avoid.

Mistake #1: Believing Your Cat’s Self Grooming Is Enough

Many cat owners see their cats self-groom regularly. They assume this is enough and they don’t brush their cat. This is false. Your cat’s self-grooming is not enough and you still need to brush them.

Why is it not enough? The answer is because there is just too much hair for any cat, including yours, to take care of on their own. They need brushing to remove their excess heir, especially during shedding seasons. So, brush your cat routinely.

Mistake #2: Improper Brush

Before you even start, you must make sure that you have the proper brush to do the job. There are various kinds of brushes. Here, there is no one-size-fits-all brush type, which means you need to choose properly.

To find the proper brush, you need to assess your cat. Do they have short or long hair? If their hair is long, you will need a brush with longer teeth. Conversely, if their hair is short, you will need a brush with shorter teeth.

Mistake #3: Brushing in the Wrong Direction

Some cat owners and groomers say that brushing should be done in the opposite direction of a cat’s fur. If your cat’s fur natural direction is left, you should brush to right direction. This is false.
The fact is you need to do is to follow the natural direction. Going against the natural direction will pull more hair and may hurt your cat. Even if your cat doesn’t mind what direction you choose, it is better not to hurt them.

Mistake #4: Removing Hard Mats Themselves

Some mats can be detangled easily with regular brushing. Some others, however, cannot. Unfortunately, some cat owners do remove these kinds of mats themselves. As a result, they unintentionally hurt their cats. Worse yet, their cats became mistrustful on their owners and brushing. If you find mats on your cat, the best thing you can do is to take them to a professional groomer.

Proper brushing brings many benefits for your cat. For example, regular brushing keeps your cat clean, improves their health, circulation and general well-being, helps in bonding as well as a way to monitor injuries, fleas or ticks.

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These are the mistakes you need to avoid. Have you done any of them? Now that you know them, you can avoid them and get the full benefits of brushing for your cat.