Cat Asthma: Causes, Symptoms
Cat Asthma: Learn the Causes, Symptoms and Treatment - Do you know, at certain condition, cat can also be attacked by asthma disease? If your cat has problem in breathing, it’s probably getting asthma. Now, the question is how can the disease attacks the cat? How to know the symptoms? What kind of treatments should be done so the cat can be healthy again? Find out the answers to those questions in the description below.

Asthmatic Cat

A scientific research in America shows that around 1% of 80 million cats in the state having asthmatic disease. According to Richard Goldstein (a professor in Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine), asthma is a condition when lungs getting narrower at the bronchi that connects to trachea and lungs.

The narrowing bronchi can happen when the cat’s immunity reacts to allergens that cause puffiness at sensitive tissue around bronchi and finally makes the cat hardly breathe. It will get worse when the cat inhales fresh air.

According to the vet specialist, the main cause to asthmatic cat is genetic factor. If the mother has the disease, usually its breed will also have the same problem. Another cause to this disease is the environment where the cat lives. Unhealthy environment, like for example, smoky area or high pollution neighborhood can also cause the cat to have the disease.

Asthma Symptoms on Cat

There are several symptoms to recognize asthma on your cat. Below are the symptoms that you should notice:
  • Hardly breathe
  • Long cough
  • Cat’s mouth open when it breathes
  • Bluish lips and gum
  • Cat’s body become weaker
  • Passive

If those symptoms appear on your cat, you should take it as soon as possible to the vet or do some treatment in home to help it.

How to Help Asthmatic Cat

The first thing to do when your beloved cat having asthma is of course taking it to the vet so your cat can get proper treatment before the disease gets worse. The vet will check the furred animal and will look for the exact cause of its disease. They will recommend therapy and give some medicines to lessen the asthma.

Aside from taking the cat to the vet, you can also do several things below to minimize or to treat the asthma on your cat:
  • Give your cat regular check-up to ensure it is free from any parasite
  • Ensure the cleanliness of your cat’s environment
  • Do not use perfume, odor remover, hair spray, aerosol or other sharp smell things nearby the asthmatic cat
  • Keep your cat from overweight
  • Do not smoke near the cats

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So, those are what we can share with you this time. We hope it will be useful enough for you and your cat. Stay loving the cat and have a nice days with them.