How to Brush Your Cat
How to Brush Your Cat - Brushing is important for your cat’s well-being. Unfortunately, when it comes to brushing, not every cat likes it. Some cats really dislike it and some others are ambivalent about it. Many cat owners forget or don’t want to do it, either.

You see, brushing benefits your cat and you. If you have difficulty in doing it, there is no need to worry. Just follow our guide below.

Baby Steps

To start brushing your cat, you need to do it in baby steps. Meaning, start it small and gentle. You can’t just jump right in and brush your cat. If anything, that will makes your cat hates you. So, you must be patient here.

To start, brush your cat without applying a lot of pressure. Assuming you know your cat very well, you should start on the least threatening for them. For example, if your cat loves to have their chin scratched, you can start brushing there. Just don’t brush their belly. They hate that.

Use a Gentler Tool

You don’t need to start it with a cat brush. If you just tried brushing your cat with a cat brush and they recoil, you may want to use a gentler tool. Here, you can use a dry washcloth and rub it gently across their body. Petting them with long and smooth strokes is also a good start.

In a Quiet Time

The best time to brush your cat will be when they are relaxed. For example, when they are sleeping or when they are just waking up from their sleep. Don’t do it during their mealtime or when they just fight with other cat or dog.

In a Peaceful Environment

Brushing your cat requires a peaceful environment.  Before you brush your cat, be sure that you have removed other stimulation like noise, other cats, children or dogs. This way, you can know for certain whether or not your cat likes brushing.

Give Your Cat a Treat

That’s right. By giving your cat a treat after brushing, they will associate a reward with brushing. Thus, making them like it. You don’t need to give them a treat after a long session of brushing, though. A moment of brushing, especially when you just started, should be rewarded.

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These are how you brush your cat. We cannot guarantee you that doing all the above will make your cat love brushing. That said, it is worth a try. Who knows if it turns out your cat loves it. You will never know until you try.