Cat Feeding Tips
Cat Feeding Tips - Feeding your cat properly is one of many ways you can show your love. Feeding cat can be challenging, especially if your cat is the picky type. Don’t panic. We got your back. Here we have cat feeding tips that will help you make your cat healthier. Let’s start.

Life Stages and Nutritional Needs

First and foremost, understand that a different life stage requires a different nutritional need. For example, a kitten nutritional need will be different from that of a senior cat. A kitten will need lots of nutrients in their diet since they are still growing. Of course, quality cat foods are created with this in mind. To help you identify the nutritional need of your cat, here are the life stages of a cat.

  • Kitten: 0 to 1 year old
  • Adult: 1 to 7 years old
  • Senior: over 7 years old

A Gradual Change

If you want to change your cat’s diet, you need to do it gradually. You should not change your cat’s diet all of a sudden. Instead, gradually mix your cat’s diet with new food. Do this for 7 to 10 days and make sure your cat eats only the new food during the last day.

Why the gradual change? This is to ensure that your cat will eat their food as well as know whether or not your cat has digestion issue or allergy.

Meat Does Matter

Cats do need meat. A vegetarian or vegan diet will not be able to meet the nutrition need of a cat. In fact, cats need meat since it is the only protein source they can digest. Taurine, a critical amino acid, is only present in meat. So, make sure meat is included in your cat’s diet.

Give Your Cat Wet Food

Wet food is also important for your cat. Not only wet food will prevent dehydration, it can also prevent health issues such as kidney stones. Wet food is available in various flavors as well, so it is a healthy way to spice up your cat’s diet.

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Water Is Vital

Sure, water is not food. But, it is vital to the health of your cat. The problem here is that some cats don’t like to drink water from a bowl that is placed next to their food. If your cat behaves like this, you need to place several bowls around your house so they are encouraged to drink.

These are our cat feeding tips. Feeding your cat properly will make you happy and your cat healthy. We hope our cat feeding tips helps to achieve that.