How Do Cats Show Their Love to Their Owners
How Do Cats Show Their Love to Their Owners? - Cats may look indifferent, but they actually have their own way to express their love to the owners. Unlike dogs, cats do not greet their owners with careless kisses and tail flutters, but it does not mean that cats have no genuine affection for their human companions. Cats only express their love in a more gentle way. How do your cats show their love to you?

Swiping their head to your body

Cats have concentrated odor glands on certain parts of their body, including the cheeks and head. When a cat rubs his head or face on your body, he is marking you with his aroma and thinks of you as a member of his family. This aroma is a source of comfort and familiarity for cats.

Licking you while grooming

Grooming is another way of cats to spread their scent to mark the territory. If you have several cats, you may see them clean each other's bodies every day. This behavior aims to create a common aroma among family groups. When the cat licks you while he is cleaning, he is actually trying to make you belong as a member of his family.

Blinking their eyes slowly 

When your cats look at you and slowly they close their eyes, they actually show that they are happy and comfortable to be around you. In fact, this slow blinking behavior is known as "cat kiss" for most of the cat owners worldwide.

Showing off their belly

The abdomen is a weak point in the body of the cat. Cats will not carelessly show off their stomachs. By rolling over and showing off their stomach, the cats want to show that they trust you completely.

Giving massage to you

When your cats massage your body parts, it means that they feel relaxed and comfortable. When the cats were baby, they used to massage the mother's belly to stimulate milk flow, but this behavior continues until they become matured to express their comfort and relaxed feeling.

Following you anywhere

If your cat always follows you from one room to another and it seems to follow you wherever you go, especially during the meal time, it is really obvious that your cat really enjoys the time to be with you.

The position of the tail

The tail position can tell you how the cat's mood is. The upright tail is often used as a greeting, that the cat is happy to see you. The author of "Cat Sense", Dr. John Bradshaw says that it is probably the clearest way for a cat to show affection to the owner.

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Anyway, those are several ways how your cat shows his love for you. Now, you can see your cat if he shows those signs and you must love your cat more so he will always love you too.