Do you want To Buy Persian Cat? Read Tips on Choosing the Correct One - A Persian cat can be a beautiful, sweet, and cute pet that you can keep. This type of cat is perfect as a friend in your spare time, but for those who want to keep one, you must be careful before buying it. Before adopting/buying Persian cat, you need to know the characteristics of a good cat and certainly healthy cat so you are not disappointed. Here are some tips on choosing a good cat.
Choosing persian cat tips

Check the Personality of the Cat

If you want to buy a cat, you should first see its personality or characters. Cats have various characters or attitudes such as lazy, loving, and submissive. If you want to buy a cat for breeding, you should look for a cat with loving personality because there are some cases that the cats do not want to breastfeed their babies.

Consider the Cat Fur Color

If you buy an adult cat that you want to breed, the selection of the fur color becomes very important because it will affect the baby's fur when it gives a birth. We recommend that you select the cat breed that has bright colored fur so that the resulting kittens will also have interesting color as their mother.

Choose the Cat Eye Color

Cat's eyes are also one of the highlights to look at, so when you are going to buy a Persian cat, you also need to choose the eyeball color. Eye color will also be very influential on the results of newborn babies later. Cats with light or white color, they usually have gray or bluish eyes colors.

Check the body and cat hair

Checking the body parts and fur of a Persian cat before buying is very important. You need to see the fur first and make sure that it is free of fungus. Fungus in cats can also be transmitted to humans, so you need to pay attention to the fur and the body health.

Consider the Cat Vaccination

When you want to buy a Persian cat, you should also ask for the vaccination because the vaccinated cats will be stronger and resistant to disease. The vaccination is really important so that your cat will not get sick easily and do not die fast.

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Well, those are some tips that you need to consider when you are about to buy or adopt a Persian cat as your pet. Sometimes, you also need to check the cat price if you prefer to buy the cat from a pet shop.