clean up kitten's flea
Easy Tips How to Clear Up Fleas from Kitten - Fleas are not found in kitten, well how to remove fleas from kitten correctly? You might be afraid of the fleas, but do not let those fleas breeding in the fur. Fleas are always in kitten that comes from anything around them. The mother of cat can be also the breeder of the fleas among kitten. There are so many ways to remove the fleas. You should know the things you must do before removing them. Do not suspect the mother of cat that has fleas. It could be from anywhere including the sand, bed, or sofa.

How To Remove Fleas From Kitten Correctly

Fleas are not too dangerous in cat’s life, but the fleas can affect Anemia in cat. As the cat’s owner you need extra caring how to prevent the fleas. Because thefleas can suck the cat’s blood from the skin surface, it would be the worst thing and must take a quick action.  You can try these easy steps at home by using the stuff for cat treatment.

1. Prepare the stuffs

You need two towels, kitten shampoo, a bucket of hot water, plastic gloves, a comb, hair dryer, and plastic bag. If you do not have hairdryer, you can use more towels or put the cats under the sunlight. Prepare well and let’s remove the fleas.

2. Feed the kitten first before bathing

How to remove the fleas from kitten correctly can be done by yourself. Feed the kittenfirst while you prepare the bathing. Take the kitten slowly and move to the bucket. If the kitten is ready, bath her as soon as possible.

3. Bath the kitten with shampoo

Use the plastic gloves and now bath the kitten with shampoo, start with pouring the water on her body. Be sure of when you brush with sponge, the shampoo has been spreaded to whole kitten’s fur, hair, legs, and arms and others.

4. Dry the kitten with hairdryer 

To dry the kitten’s fur, you need hairdryer or towel. Hairdryer is most recommended to do, before you brush the kitten’s fur. Keep warming the kitten’s fur to avoid the flatulancy. After hairdrying, prepare the comb.

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5. Brush the cat’s fur by using proper comb

While drying the cat’s fur, you can brush it by using proper comb. Comb for cats are various, but for kitten are also different. The kitten’s fur are not too fluffy. After brushing, spray the cream antifungal and antifleas on the kitten fur.  It is good to prevent another fleas.

How to remove fleas from kitten correctly are easy to do. Well, keep cleaning either the kitten or your house.