Cooking Your DIY Cat Foods
Cooking Your DIY Cat Foods - Feline has been one of the most loyal pets in the world. Some so many people love having a cat as their companion in the home. Sometimes, cats are also the ones who just like the lord in the house. The owners are even functioning as their servant. Yes, this is sad but true. In this case, providing the best food for your furry friend is important. But, which one is the best cat food?

Providing the best cat food for your feline friend is essential. Maybe you want to give some commercial products a try. But, the sad fact comes with their excellent packages; the products contain lots of preservations and chemicals, making it not 100% healthy for the cats. So, why don’t you try cooking for your pet? Maybe they will fancy them more than the commercial ones.

How to Cook Healthy DIY Cat Food

Cooking cat food is not difficult. In fact, you might experience some unique feeling when you cook them. Preparing the menu for your feline friend is a perfect way to make the bond between you and your cat stronger. Therefore, you should try it sometimes. Some core ingredients will be essential for your DIY cat food recipe, here they are:

1. Fats from Animal

Some elements will add the deliciousness of your cat food. To make the cook more delicious, you can choose fat from animals that will be great for providing healthy feline with healthy skin and shiny fur. Adding fats to the cat food also will give the wellness in circulatory system in felines’ body.

2. Protein from Animal

Besides of needing the fats, they also need the protein for their growth. You can provide the protein by adding chicken, rabbit meat or fish. You can also add liver that is rich in vitamin A, giving more nutrients for your best buddy’s body.

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3. Calcium and Phosphorus

Adding these ingredients will be great for your cat. Indeed, calcium will be high for improving the growth of their bones. You can add the calcium supply from the calcium capsules.

4. Carbs

Don’t forget to add carbs, but don’t overdo when you add them to your DIY cat food. But, always make sure that you just add not more than 10% carbs to food.

Cooking your cat’s food is so fun rather than only serving the commercial meals in a bowl. You can treat them with their favorite food. Not only it will help you to make sure that the food is healthy, but it will strengthen the bond between you and your furry buddy!