Facts About Cats Sleep
The Reasons to Continuous Sleeps in Cats, 5 Facts About Cats Sleeping - It’s been known that cats usually likes sleeping very much. Many cats’ owner, then, like to take picture of the sleeping cats because they think they are cute and adorable with their unique sleeping pose. However, when the cats continuously sleep, some of us may start getting worried. We may worry if our beloved pets get some disease that causes them sleeps continuously.

Well, actually are there any reasons to continuous sleeps in cats? Is the continuous sleep the sign to certain disease in cats? Let’s find what actually cause it and see if there is something we can do about it.

The Reasons to Continuous Sleeps in Cat, 5 Facts About Cats Sleep!

1. Genetic Factor

Most people believe that cats are nocturnal animal, so they will be awake and active nightlong and will sleep during the day. This belief is not exactly true because actually the cats are crepuscular animal. They are active in the morning and in the evening is the easiest time for them to look for foods.

Being crepuscular animal influence the cats’ sleeping pattern. They will be very mobile in the morning and evening while using their day time to sleep.

2. Saving Energy

Although the cats are commonly tame, cute and funny, but they are still having predator side in their psychological. This indicates the cat like to run and hunt although they have already been given foods and taken care of in the home.
Facts About Cats Sleep

As predator who like to run and hunt, they spend a lot of energy. Therefore, they need time to save their energy and they choose day time for energy saving mode. By sleeping during the day, they can restore their energy in the evening so they can run and hunt as they like.

3. Cold Weather or Rainy Days

The next reason that causes cats sleep continuously is weather condition. It can cause cats to continuously sleep. During cold weather or rainy days, cats tend to sleep more than they do during hot weather or dry season.

4. Pregnancy

When our cats like to sleep continuously, it can also be a sign of cat’s pregnancy. It’s common that pregnant cats tend to sleep more than non-pregnant cats. To ensure the cats’ pregnancy, you may take them to the vet.

5. Illness or other disturbance

Facts About Cats Sleep

Young cats that age less than 3 months usually sleeps more than adult and old cats because their growth’s hormone released during the sleep. The old cats generally also sleeps more than adult cat as the effect of their old age.

Basically, long sleeping pattern is normal in cats. But, if your cats continuously sleep and they show weakness or reduced appetite, it is better to take them to the vet to ensure their health.

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Okay, that’s all the reasons to continuous sleep in cats we can share with you this time. Now, you might relief after knowing the actual reasons to their long sleeping pattern, right? The cats being sleeping continuously are not always the sign to certain illness.