Causal Factors of Cat Spraying
A Few Causal Factors of Cat Spraying That You May Need to Know - Cats are funny and adorable pets that you can keep at home. But, sometimes an annoying thin occurs when your cat urinates on your furniture. It is not a big deal if it only happens once or twice, but your cat may spray at anywhere it wants. What are actually the causal factors of cat spraying and why doesn’t your cat spray in the litter box?

Marking His Territory

The first reason why your cat sprays carelessly is usually because of its natural instinct in order to mark his territory. This habit may usually occur when a new male cat comes to his territory. Generally, it is a warning to prevent new cats from disturbing the area.

Too much light in the room

If you find that your cat does not like to piss in the litter box, it may need to see the area around him. If there is too much light, then you can try to move the light or lamp in a closed area because some cats do not want to pee if the litter box is too bright.

Litter box is in trouble

You may have to evaluate the condition of the litter box first before scolding the cat that sprays carelessly because there is a possibility that the litter box is the reason why your cat does not want to piss on it. Make sure the litter box is always clean and has enough sand so the cat wants to spray on the correct place. If possible, clean cat feces at least twice a day and change the sand every day.

The surrounding area is too noisy

Another reason that might be the cause of cat spray carelessly is the environment that is too crowded. This is quite disturbing because they usually do not really like noise. Move the litter box to a quiet area so nobody can bother the cat when spraying.

The Cat is feeling stressed

Cats that often urinate carelessly may be a sign that they are feeling depressed or stressful caused by many things, ranging from his own condition and the environment. If you suspect this possibility, you must pay attention to the behavior of the cats and immediately take the cats to the vet so the expert can handle it.

The location is too moist

Cats do not like areas that are too moist, especially when they will urinate. Therefore, make sure that you place the litter box in a dry area but do not have too much light so they can pee quietly. Therefore, you have to check the litter box condition regularly to make sure that it is dry.

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Anyway, those are several causal factors of cat spraying that you may not realize. The cat spraying will be annoying because you will smell cat’s urine everywhere. So, you need to know those reasons so you can find the solution.