Few Signs of Cats That Will Die
Few Signs of Cats That Will Die Which You Need to Know - A cat that may going to die usually shows some behaviors which you can recognize as a sign. Some examples include loss of appetite, cats lose energy, and weight loss drastically. A cat will usually feel that he will soon die and will seek refuge in his last days. Read these following signs of cat that will die for your information.

1. Weak Heartbeat

The first sign is the weakness of the heartbeat. The low heart rate of cats is one sign that your cat is getting weaker and will die. Heart rate in normal cat is about 140 - 220 beats per minute. When the cat is sick or weakened, then the heartbeat will be weaker than normal heartbeat.

2. Irregular Breath

A normal cat will breathe as much as 20 to 30 times per minute. If the cat's heart has weakened, the lung of the cat will also weaken and a little oxygen will be pumped into the bloodstream. This situation causes the cat to breathe rapidly because it wants to inhale a lot of oxygen, after which the will breathe slowly and somewhat distress because of the fluid in the lungs.

3. Seeking Protection

In its natural habitat, a dying cat realizes that it will be more easily attacked by predators. Therefore, he will find a safe place to hide until he dies. By instinct, a dead cat would find a hiding place like under furniture or other objects.

4. Getting Difficulty to Stand and Walk

When the cat will die, he will have trouble standing up and walking because of the weakening of the body organs of cats. The cat will feel difficult to get food because it becomes too far for him. That’s why you can put food, drink, and watering place as close as possible to the cat so he can reach it easily.

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5. More Sleep Time

If the cat's organs have started to weaken, then the cat will have less energy. Therefore, the cat will spend a lot of time to sleep. If you see your cat sleeping longer than usual, you can check the condition. Sometimes, this sign also shows that the cat has serious health problems and you can take it to the vet immediately.

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Well, those are five signs of a cat that will die. Sometimes, a cat owner does not realize these signs and they finally find that their cats die. Hopefully, these signs can help you give your lovely cat the best place and you can take care of the cat in his last days.