How to Stop Cat Shedding Hair
How to Stop Cat Shedding Hair: 6 Ways to Deal with Hair Loss in Cats - As the haired animal, losing hair will give many disadvantage in cats. And the cat lover and owner, you certainly do not want your cat having such problem, right? However, hair loss in cats is unavoidable. Once in a while, your cat surely experience it. So, what to do when your cat starts losing hair? Let’s check some useful tips below.

6 Easy Ways to Deal with Hair Loss in Cats

1. Let it be and take care of your cat as usual

Eh? Just let it be? Is it okay? Well, yes, it’s okay to just let your cat loses her hair. When the cause of her losing hair is natural, like the season of losing hair for the cat due to her pregnancy, season of mating or after treatment. So, you just need to take care your cat as usual. But, if the hair loss is too much and somehow abnormal, you should take her to the vet soon.

2. Provide toys for your cat, make her comfortable

Like human who needs entertainment, your cat also the same. She need some toys to entertain her. Moreover if your cat shows stress’ signs, try to buy her some toys that are specifically designed for cat. In the simplest way, you can even make DIY cat’s toys, like a crumpled paper. Ask your cat to play with you with that crumpled paper that can function like a ball.

3. Replacing Cat’s Product that Might Causing Hair Loss

How to Stop Cat Shedding Hair

Sometimes, hair loss in cat is caused by her allergy to some product you give her. There are many kinds of cat’s product here like cat’s foods, cat’s toys, cat’s bath products or might be some clothes she wears. If you find some of those products are allergens to your cat, replace them as soon as possible. If you are not sure, go to the expert to discuss about the products.

4. Bathe your cat

Bathe your cat with good cat’s shampoo regularly. The bathing may help your cat overcomes her hair loss beside it can make your cat feels fresher too. Of course, if it’s the first time for you, you should learn about the right way to bathe your cat so you won’t make any mistake.

5. Give your cat some vitamin

Ask your vet or read about vitamins for cat to find the suitable ones for your cat. Remember as well to not give her too much dosage. Give enough vitamins so your cat can be healthier and so, her hair loss will stop.

6. Comb Your Cat’s Hair

Combing cat’s hair regularly is necessary, moreover if your cat is long-haired type. Learn about combing cat’s hair or ask friend who raises the feline so you can do it properly and your cat also will enjoy it.

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Now, we’ve reached the bottom of these tips. We hope it can be useful tips on how to overcome hair loss in cats. See you again in other tips. Stay love cats and be happy with them.