Tips to Assisting a Cat in Labor
How to Assisting a Cat That Is Having Kittens - Every cat owner will be delighted when their female cat gives signs of pregnancy. This means you will have the cute little kittens! Of course, if this is your first experience in assisting a pregnant cat and you want to give her your most attention, you need to help her during her pregnancy and her labor. Supporting her will be essential as there might be complications.

Being a cat owner will make you feel like a vet as you assist them during pregnancy and labor. But, you have to note that cats have their natural urge to give birth. They also have their instinct that works in helping them the right things to do when the time comes. So, you just have to relax and watch as they deliver each baby.

Things to do during Cat’s Pregnancy and Labor

Some stages of their pregnancy can be examined for determining their labor plan. In this case, you might want to the consul to your vet before your cat gives birth to her new kittens. To make your cat labor more comfortable and safe, here are some things to note.

1. Prepare the Nest

The cat will have the nesting instinct that will make them look for a comfortable place for delivering kittens. The cat will look for a soft and warm spot for them. To make sure that the area is safe and healthy, you can make a nest from a card box filled with sweet worn clothes or blankets. You can show the nest once she looks for it.

2. Watch the Cat’s Diet

Your cat will need the nutrients to be healthy during her pregnancy. Therefore, providing the best meal is essential. If your cat doesn’t want to eat regularly, you can give the kitten food for her as it has more calories in the small amount of food she consumes.

3. During the Labor

Just like we mention before, the cats have their instinct during pregnancy, which will be safe for you to stay away during their labor. Make sure you don’t intervene unless you see the signs of complication. Prepare the pet carrier in case you need to bring her to the vet.

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During the labor, your cat might experience some things like the placenta which is not extracted from her womb. Don’t force them by pulling the placenta as it will rip the belly and cause the cat in danger. You should not cut the placenta, as the mother will chew them by herself. Cutting the placenta will only cause advanced infection. Keep this in your mind so your cat will deliver the kittens safely.