3 Ways to Identify a Turkish Angora Cat/Kitten
How To Identify Turkish Angora Cats In 3 Ways - Hi cat lovers! Now we must know how to identify turkish angora cats in 3 ways before you adopt. Angora is always in cats lover heart and still become the most popular pet at home. To prevent of the fake one, make sure you purchase her in trusted pet shop. You must not be blamed, after you know the real angora cat look likes. That is why you need to learn the appearance whether it is fake or real angora. This beautiful cat can be seen and identified from her apperance, head, body shape, fur, and tail. Let’s check this out!

3 Ways how to identify turkish angora cats 

It is easy to know the signs of the Angora breeding. To know Angora firstly first, know these signs how to identify the real Angora cat.

1. Touch the Angora fur

Before you decide to adopt Anggora cat, firstly touch the Angora’s furs. It is the easiest to differ Anggora cat and Persian cat. The Angora’s hair is lusher than Persian. Morever, the Turkish Angora has silky coat and its coat can be varied and it is also longer to cover her neck, leg, and tail. The Angora’s fur is sometimes hairy and not at all. It is based on the grooming by the breeder.

2. Triangle shape of  angora’s head

How to identify turkish angora cats in 3 wayscan be cheeked from its head shape. Angora head shapes a reversed triangle and the head is normally coated by longer hair. For Turkish Angora has two colors of eyes such as white and blues eyes. And Agora’s ears are taper, so it looks like fierce and tacit cat. So, you can identify Angora cat also from its taper ears and white-blue eyes.

3. Angora cat has proportional body shape and unique tail

Angora forms a proportional body shape, healhty, and slim. With this proportional body, it can add the elegant and more attractive appearance for those who want to adopt this funny cat. Buit by good and strong bone structure, Angora has longer rear legs. The legs also are coated by the fur, but it is not long hair. And what about the Angora’s tail? Yes, it is a long tail and straight which is coated by longer hair.

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Now you have already known how to identify turkish angora cats in 3 ways. Never purchase Turkish Angora cat, if you do not identify her yet.