Make Cat Look Fat Effectively
Make The Cat Look Fat Effectively - Making your cat look fat and healthy is anything that all people want to do when keeping a cat. But, some of the cat owners feel confused and eventually, they are careless in order to make the cat become fat. So, if you want to make your cat look fat, we have some ways and tips that you can try to your cat.

Increase Cat's Appetite with Foods

The first way if you want to make your cat look fat is to increase or provoke the cat's appetite. There are several ways to make your cat appetite, like polishing a bit of wet food in the cat's nose and bringing the food closer to the cat. In addition, you can also choose the best cat’s foods that you can purchase from a pet shop.

Feed Your Cat with Foods Rich in Protein

This is one of the keys to success if you want to make your cat become fat on which you need to provide food high in protein. The protein intake can usually be obtained easily from meat. You can buy Chicken or Fish Raw Food as the main meal. If you doubt it, then you can boil it first. In addition to meat, you can also add egg yolk on the cat food without the egg whites. You can add egg yolks to and feed the cat up to 2-3 times per week.

Give Some Vitamins to Your Cat

Vitamins are one of the keys to success in making the cat fat.  A vitamin resource like fish oil is good for appetite and it can help the cat increase the weight with healthy fur. You just need to buy and give it to your cat or you can also mix it with food or give it directly inside the cat’s mouth.

Don’t Make Your Cat Stressful

Cats are animals which always want to find comfort. Cats are actually less likely to be in a cage, so give plenty of opportunities for the cat to play outside of the cage. Also, you can invite the cat to play or you can also buy some toys that make the cat happy. The point is not to make the cat stressful him because it may be hard to raise its weight when the cat does not have a good mood.

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Well, those are several simple tips on how to make your cat look fat. Of course, giving the best cat’s foods to your cat is the most effective way. You need to give the cat a lot of protein intake and vitamins to get the faster result.