Get Rid of Matted Fur
How to Get Rid of Matted Fur from Long-Haired Cat - Many people like long-haired cats and not a few of them finally decide to take them as their pet. It’s reasonable why long-haired cats are preferred. Of course, the main reason is because they are so beautiful and cute creature due to their long hair and funny moves. However, as you might have already known, long-haired cats also need extra care. Their long hairs require more attention and treatment. Otherwise, you might find them having matted fur.

Sometimes, when you are too busy and forget combing or grooming your cat, you’ll probably find her hair gets matted. When this happen, be patient and don’t take scissor right away to cut the knotted hair. Below we compile several tips to get rid of matted hair from long-haired cat safely without hurting her.

1. Do Not Pull the Matted Fur

It’s true that when we see the cat with matted fur, we might want to pull it out right away. However, we recommend you to never do this. Why? Because it will hurt your cat painfully. The cat’s skin is very thin and prone to be hurt even by smooth pulling.

2. Keep the Fur Dry

While you’re trying to detangle the matted fur from your long-haired cat, remember to keep it dry. Do not add any water to the fur because it cause the matted fur even worse. Some people might recommend you to use the detangler spray for children or talc-free powder, but it’s better to avoid them because we don’t know what kind of reaction your cat will give to those products. As you might know, some goods that are suitable for human, cannot be used on cat at all.

3. Find the Matted Fur

Use special comb designed for cat, then carefully comb her hair. By combing your cat’s hair, you will find the entangled part. Do carefully and slowly detangle the matted fur by your hand so your cat will not feel painful. This process might require your patience as sometimes it’s quite difficult to detangle the entangled hair manually. When you think it’s too difficult to detangle by using hand, you should stop and use another way.

4. Removing the Matted Fur

After your manual combing fail to detangle the cat’s matted fur, another way you should try to do is cutting the fur out. But, never use scissors for cutting out your cat’s knotted hair. Instead, you should use razor comb. It’s a kind of a comb that has recessed blades. It will cut the hair as you comb.

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If razor comb cannot be afforded, and there is no other way but by using scissors, be careful to not use directly to the matted fur. Use regular comb to lift the fur from your cat’s skin and cut the edges of the mat only. If you cannot do this, it’s better to have pet groomers do it.

That is what we can share with you this time about how to get rid of matted fur from long-haired cat. We hope it can be a little help for you whose cat has this kind of problem. Thank you for reading.