More Cats Means More Litter Boxes
More Cats Means More Litter Boxes and Here’s Why - Do you have several cats living with you? If you do, you may have noticed that your cats share their food bowl, water bowl, and even toys. They take the turn to eat and stay on opposite sides when they drink. But, what about litter box? Does this apply to the litter box as well? The answer is no, it does not. Why? Here’s why.

Cats Need Some Space

Cats are not pack animals. This is true even if your cats are siblings. There are times where each one of them wants their own space and elimination is one. For cats, sharing a litter box is unpleasant and can even be stressful.

So, you need to give your cats some space. For this, you need to get one litter box for each cat and one extra box. Let’s say you have three cats. In this case, you will need four litter boxes. If you have four, you need five and so on.

Cats Are Territorial

Not only they need some private spaces for themselves, cats are also territorial as well. As you may have known, cats mark their territories everywhere they go. For household cats, this can mean a cat may block another cat from accessing their litter box. This can be a problem especially if there is only one litter box.

Fortunately, this problem can be solved very easily. What you need to do is to place litter boxes in separate places. For example, you can place one litter box at one end of your house, one litter box at the other end and one extra in-between or on the second floor. Since a cat can only defend one litter box, the other will be available.

Keeping Things Clean

Keeping litter boxes clean is important. It will be much more difficult to keep it clean if there is only one litter box. An overcrowded litter box will make cats uncomfortable, which may make them use other spots (like your floor or furniture) to eliminate their waste.  If you have multiple litter boxes, overcrowding will not be a problem.  Your cats will use their own litter boxes to eliminate.

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While they can share many things, from food bowl, water bowl to toys, litter box is not one they should share. So, if you have several cats living with you, be sure to have a box or two for each one of them. This will make things easier for everybody. Yes, including you.