Most Beautiful Cats
Top 6 Most Beautiful Cat Breeds In The World - Many reasons to why people love the cats. Some say because they are friendly and funny animal, some other will say because they are cute and beautiful. Well, all those reasons are not wrong. The cats are naturally friendly, funny, cute and beautiful. Moreover if the owner are diligent to take care of them, the cats will be even more attractive.

Here we make a top list of beautiful cats in the world for your information. Let’s check it together. Who knows you might have seen some cats in the list in your neighborhood.

Top List of Most Beautiful Cat Breeds In The World

1. Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat - Most Beautiful Cats
Norwegian Forest Cat is medium-hair type. Physically, they have similar look as Maine Coon. This breed has various color with almond-shape of eyes. They are known for being very active, playful, smart and full of curiosity. Normally, their lifespan is around 10 – 12 years. They can weigh up to 5.5 kilograms after being adult.

2. Ocicat

Ocicat - Most Beautiful Cats
Ocicat is known to be very active, friendly, and adaptive cat. They have 12 colors which are not far from chocolate gradation with black dots. For the cats’ standard, they are quite big and strong. Their lifespan is 12 until 15 years.

3. Siamese

Siamese - Most Beautiful Cats
As the name suggests, this cat’s origin is from Thailand. Their physical appearance just like Asian cats in common. However, what makes them different is the blackish chocolate color on their tail and muzzle. For the personality, they are active enough, smart, friendly and full of curiosity. They have long lifespan up to 20 years.

4. Korat

Korat - Most Beautiful Cats
The color of Korat cat is very unique. They have bluish grey fur that are very silky like satin. Their face is kind of heart-shape which add more to their attractive point. In the matter of personality, they are known quite, calm, gentle and friendly cat. Their lifespan is around 14-15 years.

5. British Short Hair

British Short Hair - Most Beautiful Cats
As the name suggest, British Short Hair is short-haired cat. Most of them have a solid bluish-grey color, copper eyes, medium tail and broad face. After being adult, this cat can weigh up to 11 kilograms. They are easily interested in new things around them, friendly, very loyal and shy. Their lifespan is around 12 – 13 years.

6. Persian Cat

Persian Cat - Most Beautiful Cats
We cannot leave the Persian cat out of the list when we write about beautiful cats. This cat is very popular due to their luxuriant long hair, flat-nosed and short muzzle. They are usually calm, quiet, and friendly but also shy to new comer. Their life span is normally around 14-15 years.

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Okay, those are top list of beautiful cats in the world. There are still many other beautiful cats that we haven’t included yet, so see you again in other occasion. Thank you for reading.