Why Cats Do It and What Does It Mean
Cats truly are masterpieces of evolution. How could they not? A lot of their characteristics, which include their behaviors, have more than one purpose. All of which help them to survive.

For example, when a cat scratches a mark on a place, it can mean several different things. It can mean that said cat is marking the place as its territory. It can also mean that said cat wants to communicate their conflicted feelings. Or, it is just to keep their nail healthy.

Here, we will tell you about one behavior that cats do. Namely, purring. We will tell you why cats do it and what does purring mean.

Why Do Cats Purr?

Kittens and adult cats purr for different reasons. For kittens, purring is a way to get the attention of their mother so that they are being taken care of. Purring is also a way for a kitten to establish and maintain a relationship with their mother.

Typically, cats purr when they interact with a person or another cat. However, a contact with an inanimate object may cause them to purr. For example, when they roll around on a carpet or sliding their body against a corner of a wall.

Purring does not happen only when a cat experiences positive activities like the above, though. Other situations such as sexual engagement, an experience of stress, anxiety, fear, and injury do elicit purring. For the latter occasion, purring is considered to be a way for the cat to maintain their comfort under extreme stress or pain.

Various Meanings of Purring

As with scratching a mark, purring has many meanings behind it. The meaning behind a cat’s purr depends on when it happens and under what situation.

When it is done by a kitten, it means that they want to be nursed. When it is done by a cat in a comfortable situation or place, it means they feel contentment. When it is done by a cat under extreme stress or pain, it means they want to keep their calm.

Whatever the cause is, listening to a cat’s purring does make the listener feel relaxed. If you are a cat owner, it can help you reaffirm the relationship between you and your cat.

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Unique, isn’t it? Purring is a way cats communicate different things. Now that you know what does a purring may mean under certain, you can understand your cat better. When your cat does purr during a positive activity, try to listen to it. You will feel relaxed.