Human food for kitten
Safe Human Foods Can Kitten Eat For His First Year - What kinds of safe human foods can kitten eat for his first year? kitten is not a similar treatment like a mother’s cat. You should feed the kittens without disturbing kitten daily food. These human foods are known as a good source to grow the kittens faster. But, know one thing this time If you do not recognize what foods are allowed to feed kittens, in this condition the kitten digestion would get problems.

5 kinds of safe human foods can kitten eat for his first year

The safe foods for you are not always properly to feed the cats. Although the foods are cooked, but you must know some cats might be rejected that foods. And that foods also are not good for a cat;s digestion. Here 7 human foods are safe for your cats.

1. Soft Meat 

Meats can be given to kittens, but the meat should be soft for kittens teeth. There are many products that provide meat for a 1-year-old kitten. Sometime, the kittens will reject the meat because it is too rough to chew.

2. Boiled Fish Without Bone 

Safe human foods can kitten eat for his first year, one of them is boiled fish. Find out the fresh fish without a bone in the super market. You can cook the fish yourself and add a half teaspoons of salt in the water. Most recommended fish for 1-year-old kittens is salmon and tuna.

3. Boiled egg

Boiled eggs are good for a cat in order to gain the high protein from cat food. Cook the fish, meat, and egg first, before you share these foods with the cats. Some cats might be allergic to eggs. So, you must ensure them or give a tiny bit of boiled eggs to your cats.

4. Fresh vegetable 

Cats might be impossible to eat vegetables like the human. But cats need vegetables or fresh green leaf to have some. Cats need vegetables for health and digestion. Let them free to chew some fresh vegetables or green leaf that you put on the plate.

5. Bread and cheese 

Bread and cheese are good for cat’s protein. You can give kittens little bit of cheese once a week. Bread is allowed for feeding kittens. They love to smell the milk and cheese of the bread and eat some of them.

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Safe human foods can kitten eat for his first year are many. It is not a must to give them every day.  Just cook and meat correctly,  and let the kittens eat some.