Several Ways to Communicate with Your Cat
Do you want to interact with your cat? Well, humans and cats have different languages that often lead to misconceptions. You may not understand what your cat wants and the cat also does not know what you say. So, how are the best ways to communicate with your cat well and how can you understand what your cat says to you? You may try these following ways if you want to interact with your cat.

Understanding the Cat's Tail Movement

One of the languages that can be given by a cat is through sign language. Sign language can be read through the body movement of the cat. You can see it from the tail so you can read its feeling and minds. Here are some cat sign languages delivered through its tail:
  • Straight up and Curved Tails at the end indicates that the mood of the cat is happy.
  • The cat’s tail vibrates show that the cat feels happy to meet you.
  • The cat's tail is scrolling which indicates that the cat is very angry and may fight with other cats.

Understand the Cat’s Eye Signs

In addition to the tail, you can also see the cat’s eyes. If you have been keeping the cat for a long time, you can strengthen your relationship with the cat through the eyes. How does a cat communicate with its eyes?
  • When the cat’s pupil is enlarged, it may indicate that the cat is very happy, frightened or angry. The enlarged pupils will be followed by other cues such as the tail slightly curled at the edges and so on.
  • When the cat is staring at you and blinking slowly, it can be a sign the cat feels comfortable around you. A slow wink can be a sign that the cat loves you.

Understand the Cat’s Behavior

Instead of the eye signs, you can also see the behavior of your cat because cats also communicate through their behaviors. For example, when your cat rubs its body part into your body, it indicates that the cat is yours.

When the cat kisses you or he puts his nose on your hands or feet, it may indicate the cat affection to you because of the comfort and security when you are around him.

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Finally, those are several ways how your cat communicates with you so that you can understand what the cat actually wants.