The Signs of the Real Angora Cats - For every cat lover, the popularity of Angora cats is not questionable. There are so many cat lovers who want to have this beautiful creature as their companion in the house. Indeed, Angora cats have an attractive appearance that is irresistible. Therefore, having an Angora cat in the house will not only useful as a companion, but also for being a prestige for its owner.
The Signs of the Real Angora Cats

Unfortunately, nowadays there are so many cat breeders who are not honest about their cats’ race. This condition means you might be adopting a Persian cat while the breeder said it is an Angora. Therefore, you will need to know how the real appearance of the Angora cats is. By understanding their vital physical features, you will know how to identify them.

Identifying the Real Angora Cats Makes Easy

There is some physical appearance that will be your keys to determining whether a cat is Angora or not. Because it is usually misidentified as Persian, there is some slight difference between these two beautiful cat races. Here aris some stuff you need to understand about the Angoras:

1. The Appearance

If you see their appearance, you might consider them as a local or domestic cat due to their ‘normal’ looking cat, but with longer hair. Indeed, Angora cats are just like a domestic and Persian cat mix. But, you will know that they are the royals among all cat races.

2. Angora’s Head Shape

Angoras have their head just like the domestic cat. Their head shape is just like a reversed triangle. The hair in their head is not too long, with the upturned eyes which are very beautiful. Their beauty is more accentuated by their pointy ears that are unique and symmetrical. For the nose, Angoras has a familiar nose like the domestic cats.

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3. Body Shape

For their body shape, Angoras have proportional body shape with longer rear legs. They are quite muscular and healthy, although their body seems slim. They have a good bone structure that will make them look beautiful and elegant.

4. The Tail

The most attractive part of an Angora cat is its tail. Indeed, with a unique shape, it has hypnotized many people to love this beautiful creature. They have long, straight tail with long hair. The hair in their tail is longer than the hair in the rest of their body.

Although Angora and Persian cats are usually misidentified, by understanding this information about how the Angora looks like, you can be more aware of their uniqueness. So, you will be more careful when adopting cats from the breeder.