Solving cats Pee Problem
How to Stop Your Cat from Peeing Everywhere - Looking for a solution to the pee problem? Many cat owners are frustrated because their cats pee anywhere but their litter box. Many of them are considering to rehome their cats. Are you considering that, too? Well, before even go there, let us tell you something: there is hope. Yes, there are ways to solve this problem. And we are about to tell you.

Find Out the Cause

There are two causes of a cat peeing everywhere. Either it is a health issue or a behavioral one. So, you must first find out which one is in your cat’s case. Knowing the cause of the problem will make solving it easier.

Health Issue

Let’s say that it is a health issue. The first thing you need to do is to bring your cat to a veterinarian. They will do a physical exam and check your cat’s urine sample. The treatment recommendation will depend on the result of these examinations.

These are the most common health issues in cats:
  • Bladder Stones
  • Crystalluria
  • Idiopathic Cystitis 
  • Urinary Tract Infection

So, yeah, bring your cat to a vet. Better yet, ask for a comprehensive lab work. This way the vet will be able to know exactly why the health issue which causes the pee problem. And by that, the proper treatment to solve it.

Behavioral Issue

In some cases, a health issue is not the cause of your cat peeing everywhere. Sometimes, the cause is a behavioral issue. Here are the most common causes of behavioral issues.

  • Undesirable Litter Box
  • Stress
  • Old Urine Smell

So, how do you solve it?

  • First, assess the situation. Does your cat dislike their litter box? A cat is picky about their litter box. In this case, you need to make the litter box as desirable as possible. Choose a large litter box and keep them uncovered.
  • Secondly, if stress is the problem, you need to move the litter box. Move it to a quiet but accessible space in your house. Avoid placing the litter box near the space where your cat eats.
  • Third, if there is old urine smell, you need to clean the litter box thoroughly. Meaning, you need to scoop it two times per day.

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We recommend you to get an extra litter box for your cat. An extra litter box will allow your cat to use a litter box while the other is being cleaned. Also, some cats prefer to use a litter box for pee and another for stool.

Seeing your cat peeing everywhere is frustrating. Fortunately, this problem can be solved easily. The above are the things you can do to solve the situation. Assess the situation and find out the cause of the problem and you will be able to solve it easily. Good luck!