Take care kitten properly
Do you want to know how to take care of a kitten properly? Taking care of a kitten is always fun. Kitten is cute, after all. We need to remind you that it is also an enormous responsibility, though. Because of that, you need to know how to do it properly. Don’t worry. We got your back covered. Here’s how to do it properly.

Knowing the Kitten’s Age

This is the first and foremost thing you need to do. You need to verify the age of the kitten. Why? Because different age needs different treatment. Let’s say that you adopt a less than 10 weeks old kitten. During their first 10 weeks, a kitten needs special needs in warmth, nourishment, excretion, and socialization. Due to these special needs, you will need to talk with a vet so you know what to do.

Finding a Good Vet

Secondly, you must find a good vet. In case you don’t have a good, trustable one yet, don’t panic. You can ask your family, friends or coworkers for a recommendation. You can also ask for a recommendation from local groomers.

Provide Quality Food

A kitten must get proper nutrition if they were to grow up healthy. In fact, their nutritional need and daily calorie intake are greater than an adult cat. For this reason, you need to provide them with quality food.

The easiest solution is to buy a name brand food which is specifically made for kittens. To further ensuring the food does give enough nutrition and calorie to your kitten, you can check the food’s nutritional contents.

Creating a Feeding Schedule

You need to create a feeding schedule for your kitten. This way, you can make sure they will not be hungry and their daily nutrition and calorie need to be met. The best way to ensure this is to consult with a vet.

In general, a 3 to 6 months old kitten will need to be fed 3 times a day. When they are 6 months old or older, you can reduce it to 2 times a day. Until your kitten reaches adulthood, you should store enough kitten food for them.

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As for drinking, there is no schedule. What you need to do is to provide them with a bowl of fresh water at all time and avoid milk.

And that’s how to take care of a kitten properly. Taking care of a kitten properly will ensure that the kitten will grow healthily and happily. Of course, you will also happy as well. Have fun!