Tips for keeping a clean litter box
Ways to Keep and Maintain Litter Box Clean from Smelling - If you have a cat, you must deal with their litter box. Other than scooping and refilling the box, cat owners must find ways to keep the floor clean, eliminate odor and most importantly, make sure that their cat actually uses the box. You can read our tips here to keep your cat’s litter box, fresh, neat and welcoming.

Clean the Box Regularly

Cleaning litter box regularly is necessary to eliminate odor. You need to scoop the box twice a day and wash it thoroughly at least once per week. This will keep the litter box clean and fresh. You may want to have two boxes. This way, one box is available to use while you clean the other.

Proper Placement

Placement is very important. You need to place the litter box in the place where it is accessible, quiet and convenient. You should not place the box near your cat’s food and water bowl’s as they don’t like to eliminate near the place where they eat. Also, avoid placing the box near a loud washer or heater.

Do remember that privacy and convenience matters a lot for your cat. So, try to place the box that offers both.

Use Unscented Litter Box

Litter boxes come in various types and textures. Some of them even have scent and perfume. These kinds of boxes may be appealing to you. The problem is, it may be a different case for your cat. They may dislike and not use it.

There are many reasons why cats don’t use their litter box. One of them is because their litter box has a certain scent. Remember, cats have a very strong sense of smell. So, your best option here is to choose a litter box that has little to no scent.

Use Baking Soda

To make the litter box fresh and appealing to your cat, you can use baking soda to keep down the odor. Just grab a handful of baking soda and sprinkle it under the litter. Find a balance where baking soda will keep down the odor while at the same time not offending your cat.

Buy a New Box or Create a New One

Litter box will eventually get worn down over time. Before this happens, you need to get a new litter box every year. You can either buy a new one or create one by yourself. Either way, try to get a box that is similar in appearance and size with the previous box your cat is using.

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That’s all. Cats dislike unkempt, dirty litter box. When they dislike it, they will not use it. This is why maintaining litter box important. We hope our tips above help.