Cats Peeing Outside the Litter Box
Why Your Cats Urinating and Peeing Outside the Litter Box, How to Overcome It? - When you decide to take a cat as your pet, you should be aware that along with its cuteness, the cat also has several bad trait. One of the bad trait cat usually has is carelessly pee. This trait becomes annoying when the cat do it often because your house will be stingy everywhere.

Well, before your patience running out and you get angry to your beloved pet, it’s better for you to calm down and learn about the causes to why the cat pees carelessly. Below we compile several causes that make the cat does not pee in the litter box you prepare. Check it out together.

1. Problem with the Litter Box

The litter box for your cat must always be clean and having enough sand. If possible, change the sand two times a day after the cat pees. Also, pay attention on the litter box’s size. Ensure the box is bigger than your cat’s body, at least 1,5 times bigger.

2. Placement of the Litter Box

When your cat does not like to pee in the litter box, it’s probably caused by the wrong placement. The cat does not like to pee in a too bright place. So, if the litter box is laced in the spot that has too much light, please to move it to a little bit darker place.

3. Noisy Environment

This furred animal is known to not like noisy environment. So when the cat like to carelessly pee, it’s probably because it’s disturbed by the noisy environment nearby. You can move the stable along with the litter box to a quieter place or to a place where people will not pass it often.

4. High humidity place

Cat is also known to dislike a place with high humidity. Therefore, ensure that the litter box is placed in a stable that is not too damp, with enough light yet not too much either. That way, your cat can pee in comfort.

5. Stress

When the cat which previously obedient to pee in the litter box become carelessly pee, it might be a sign the cat is having stress. The cause can be about its body or not conducive environment. When you feel you have made the best environment for it and it’s still stressed, you better take your cat to vet for further checking and proper treatment.

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Okay, so those are several causes that are known to make the cat pee carelessly and solutions to overcome them. Hopefully it can be useful for you and your cat. Have a happy life with your beloved pet.