Be Cautious! These 5 Things Can Kill Your Cat - Cats are cute and funny in their own way. That’s why we love them very much. But, cats are also always curious of something. We might often find them sniffing over something we put on certain places. If the things are not dangerous for their health, we can relieve. But, how if the things are dangerous for them? We sure don’t want our beloved cats die because of things we thought they’re just okay for cats, right? That’s why knowing things dangerous for cats is necessary. Let’s check out below: 5 things that can kill your cat.
The Items in Your Home Can Kill Your Cat

Warning! These 5 Items in Your Home Can Kill Your Cat

1. Human’s Foods

The Items in Your Home Can Kill Your Cat

As cat’s lover, it would be difficult to not share our food with the cute cat we love. However, we must not randomly share the foods we eat with the cat. It’s because cat’s digestive system is much different from ours. The foods which are safe and delicious for us might be dangerous and poisonous for the feline friend. Foods like chocolate, garlic, grapes and raisins are poisonous for the cat.

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2. Thread and String

The Items in Your Home Can Kill Your Cat

Yes, we know that these two things often makes the cat curious and they love to pay with them. However, if they play with these two things while there is nobody in home, it can be dangerous for the cats. If they accidentally swallow these things, their intestines can be clogged and that’s a serious problem.

3. Plants

The Items in Your Home Can Kill Your Cat

If you are also plants lover, be careful to watch your cat in their reaction with the plants. It’s because the cat sometimes eat the plants because of their curiosity. Some plants dangerous for the cats are Lily and Aloe Vera.

4. Chemical Ingredients

The Items in Your Home Can Kill Your Cat

Todays, our life cannot be separated from any chemical ingredients. From soap to medicine in our home, all of them using the chemical element. Floor cleaner liquid, air freshener and detergent also contain chemical ingredient.

Like we do to little children, we also should put away those chemical ingredients from the cat’s reach. It’s because their curiosity can kill them if they accidentally swallow those chemical stuff. Also, be sure to rinse off the things we usually wash using the chemical ingredients.

5. Our Medicines

The Items in Your Home Can Kill Your Cat

Do not put our medicines in the places that can be easily reached by our cats. Acetaminophen which often found in our medicines is very dangerous for our cat. Therefore, the medicine container should be closed well and locked if necessary to avoid our cat swallowing them.

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Okay, cat lovers, those are 5 things that can kill your cat. Be aware with them and make sure the cats are away from them. Thank you for reading and have a nice day ahead.