Are Your Cats Safe for Your Baby? Find the Answer Here! - Are our cats safe for our baby? The answer vary depends on the condition of each. If you are now expecting a baby while in your home there’s already a cat, or, if you have a baby but you want to raise a cat, such question is often disturb your mind, right?
Cats and Children

You just can’t believe everything people say regarding babies and cats without scientific proof. Therefore, here we’d try to collect some real facts about the relationship between cats and babies. Let’s check together below!

Cats and Children: 4 Things Every Parent Should Know

1. Is It Safe for A Baby to Play with A Cat?

Well, to tell you the truth, almost everything near you are dangerous for a baby. From swallowing toys, coiled blanket, and other dangers nearby. But, such dangers are actually can be avoided as long as your baby is always under your surveillance.
Cats and Children

The same goes with your cats. There is no problem for your cats to play with your baby as long as you keep on watching them while they are playing together. The cats will not attack your baby if they aren’t provoked first. To prevent your baby hold any sensitive parts of your cats’ body, like their tail and make them angry, ensure your baby and cats are within safe distance while they’re playing.

2. Are Cats Allergen to Baby? Or, Causing Other Illness to Baby?

Contrary to popular belief, a baby that grows along with a cat is relatively safe from allergies to cat’s hair or asthma. By spending more times with the cats, the baby will be immune to things that cause allergies and asthma.
Are Your Cats Safe for Your Baby?

The negative impact from the cats to your baby actually can be completely avoided if your cats are taken-care well. Make sure your cats are clean, have got complete vaccines and vitamins, regular grooming and hygienic meals. Also, your baby should have got routine immunization based on schedule.

3. Are Pregnant Woman Prone to Be Infected with Toxoplasmosis from Cats?

This is probably the most common question appear regarding the cats and pregnant woman. Toxoplasmosis is an infection caused by a parasite Toxoplasma gondii that can live in cats. But, actually this case is very rare to happen as long as your cats are clean home cat that has got complete vaccines and the cats also do not randomly eat.

4. Will Cats Be Jealous of Baby?

Are Your Cats Safe for Your Baby?

Instead of being jealous of your baby, the attitude’s change of your cats are actually caused more by the change in your household. They are prone to be stressed with the change of situation in your home after your baby has born. For example, along with your born baby, there will be new smells related to baby, sounds, furniture’s placement change and of course your schedule. As busy as you are with the baby, always spare some time with the cats so they won’t feel you’ve forgotten them, okay?

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Alright, cat lovers, those are some facts about cats and baby. Has the question “Are Your Cats Safe for Your Baby?” answered here? Hopefully so. Thank you for reading and have a happy family along with your beloved baby and the feline friend.