Weaning Kittens
Be Careful! Bad Effects of Too Early in Weaning Kittens - Like a little child, kittens are also need to be weaned when the time has come. Weaning kittens are a process of familiarizing kittens to stop drinking their mother’s milk and begin eating solid foods. Weaning process is important for the kittens so they can be independent. How old, then, the kittens should be weaned? And what is the effect is they are weaned too early? Find out the answers below!

Weaning Kittens: How and When | What to Feed a Kitten

1. How Old Kittens Should Be Weaned?

Usually kittens can be weaned at 4 weeks old and the process is done when they are 8 weeks old. Or, if the kittens can already stand firmly without wobbly, introduction to solid foods can be started.

However, based on the newest research which is led by Professor Hannes Lohi from Helsinki University, the weaning process is recommended to be started at 14 weeks old. Based on this research, the delay of weaning process to 14 weeks old will give more benefits. The kittens’ growth will be better and also will save foods’ cost.

Actually, the right time for the kittens to be weaned is different in many countries. In Finland, for example, the experts in the country recommend to begin weaning process when the kittens are 12 weeks old. Then, in many other countries, like US, the weaning process is started at 8 weeks old.

2. 25% Cats Have Serious Behavior Problem

Although cats are the most popular pet in the world after dogs, there is no previous specific study that research the right time for kittens to be weaned. Therefore, the study done by Professor Hannes Lohi and team are very appreciated by many cats’ lovers.
Weaning Kittens

As in most countries, the kittens are weaned at 8 weeks old—which is decided to be like this in consideration that critical period of socialization process in kittens end at that age—so, the study decides that the better weaning process should be weaned at 14 weeks old. Professor Hannes Lohi stated that by weaning kitten at 14 weeks old, it can give significant positive influence to the life’s quality of the cats and their owner.

To get the scientific conclusion, Professor Hannes Lohi and team conduct the research on more than 6000 cats. The research has become the biggest health’s data about cats and their behavior. Based on this research, 80% cats have minor behavior problem while the cats that have serious problem behavior reach up to 25% from the numbers studied.

3. Weaning Ages Influence Cats’ Behavior

Weaning Kittens

The selection weaning time for the kittens will influence their behavior such as their sociability’s level, excessive grooming and aggressiveness. As stated by Milla Aloha—one of the member in the research above—the weaning time influences the kittens’ behavior when they have become adult cat. The cats that have been weaned since 8 weeks old tend to more aggressive and show stereotype behavior. The older the kittens to be weaned, the less behavior problem they will have when they become adult cat.

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Okay cats’ lovers, now you have known the right time to wean kittens, right? Also the bad effects of too early in weaning kittens. We hope it’s useful for you. Thank you for reading and have a happy day with your cats.