Bengal cat breed information
Get to Know More Information About Bengal Cat Breeds - Bengal cat is very popular nowadays. Many cats lover are interested in this cat that has a look of wild cat. Bengals look cool with black spots like in Cheetah and their long muscular body with smooth and dense fur make them even more attractive. Let’s know more about this cat together!

Bengal Cat Breed Information, Behavior and Care

1. Origin

Bengals are the third breed from the cross-breed of Asian Leopard cat (ALC) and American Shorthair. This race originates from California, United States. The born of this race is pioneered by Dr. Centerwall, a genetic expert. He wanted to get a new cat’s breed that spotted wild cat on their fur.

Dr. Centerwall bred American Shorthair with ALC. Then, the female breed from the cross-breed is bred to her father. From the second cross-breed born Bengals. This name is derived from the Latin name of ALC (P. b. bengalensis). It’s often called as Bengal tiger cat.
Bengal cat breed information

2. Physical Trait of Bengal Cats

Bengals have big and muscular body. They get this trait from their wild cat ancestor. The adult female can reach 5 kilograms of weight while the male can reach 10 kilograms.

Head; Bengals has big and long head, but will look smaller compared to their long big body. Their neck is also big and muscular, equal with their body. The nose is reddish with black outer line, big and wide. Their ears are pointed. Their eyes are also big and have color of green or amber.

Body; As mentioned previously, Bengals have big and muscular body. Their body is very athletic and long compared to other races. Their weigh is ideal considering the length of the body. As for the tail, usually their tail is long.

Fur Color; Bengals’ fur pattern is probably the most visible and attractive trait that make them special. The fur is commonly brown or in cinnamon color with black spots like in Leopard in their whole body. And not only that, their black-spotted fur is completed with black horizontal line on their back and black rings on their long tail.

3. Characteristic of Bengal Cats

Bengal cat breed information

Bengals are known as active and smart cat. Unlike the other cats’ breed, they like water very much. They even like to soak within the bathtub with their owner. Bengals need a lot of attention from their owner to keep them happy.

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If you want to take this cat as your pet, it is recommended to take the forth breed of this race. They will be gentle and friendly like domestic cat.  Be aware, Bengals tend to be ‘talkative’ and more vocal than any other breeds. They love to play. You know, there’s even a record that they can jump up to 4 feet from the ground. Awesome!

Alright, cat lovers, that’s a little bit about Bengal cat. Are you interested in adopting them now? Thank you for reading, anyway.