Causes of Cats Fart and Pass Gas
Do Cats Fart? What to Know About Cat Farts - Have you ever heard your beloved cat farts? Or, ever wonder the cats fart? Well, it’s possible for the cats to fart. You might not hear the sound of the fart, but you can smell it. Yes, for example when you are cuddling with your cute cat and suddenly you smell unpleasant smell from her. That! Your cat might just fart!

Farting in cats is commonly soundless, but it’s very smelly. The amount of the gas comes out is just a little, but it’s enough to crinkle your nose. The question is, is it normal for a cat to fart just like human? The answer is yes, if your cat just fart once in a while, not too often. However, if the cat farts too often, there might be a problem with her body. Learn below about the causes of cats fart.

Causes of Farting in Cats

1. Difficulty in Digesting Some Foods

Cheap cats’ foods tend to be made from more filler like corn flour, so it’s difficult for the cats’ digestion system to digest them. The difficulty in digesting the foods causing the cats’ stomach disturbed. It makes bacteria accumulation in digestion tract that causes stinky gas come out.

2. Change in Foods

Causes of Cats Fart and Pass Gas

Replacing foods for your cat should be done carefully. It’s because suddenly replacing foods can disturb her digestive system. If you’re not sure about how to replace the foods properly, you can consult your vet or a friend who is more expert.

3. Swallowing Air Too Much

The cats which eat too fast are potential to swallow air a lot along with their foods. This kind of behavior results flatulence and their stomach full with gas. Therefore, it’s necessary to pay attention when your cat’s eating so you can know her eating behavior.

4. Dairy Product

Contrary to people belief, adult cat can’t digest milk or other dairy product well. Hence, it’s recommended to not give your cat any dairy product although she like it. The dairy product can cause diarrhea in cats as well as continuous farting.

5. Invisible Health Condition

Causes of Cats Fart and Pass Gas

If your cat keeps farting and it’s stunk out or if she farts too often, it’s time for you to take her to the vet. It’s because farting too often can be a sign to certain health problem, for example, malabsorption, a condition where gastrointestinal tract failed to absorb important nutrition from the foods because of the disturbed digestive system.

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Okay, cat lovers, now you know more about cats fart, right? We hope by learning the cause, you can prevent your cat from continuous farting that is not good for her and also for you because its bad smell. Thank you for reading.