Keeping Your Cat Healthy: All About Caring For Your Pet Stuff! - Do you know? Just keep cleaning your Cat's stuff is not enough to keep them healthy. You’ll also need to pay attention on the details of your Cat's stuff. For example, how long your cats have used those stuff. Old stuff that has been expired and broken can affect your Cat's health. Therefore let’s check these 5 Cat's common stuff that might need to be replaced soon for your Cat's health.
All About Caring For Your Pet Stuff!

5 Things Your Cat Needs You to Pay Attention To

1. Litter Box

Litter box made from plastic material is favored due to its affordable price with interesting colors and models. The plastic litter box is also easy to be cleaned, which add to why this type of litter box is more favored. However, no matter you clean it, by the time the litter box will be old and become the source of bacteria.
All About Caring For Your Pet Stuff!

Your cats might claw and bite the surface of the litter box while they use it, make the litter box a bit snagged. That might look fine, but you know, it will be the place for the bacteria to live. That’s why replacing the litter box once a year is recommended for your Cat's health.

2. Cat's Collars

Many Cat's owner let their cats wear the same collars for many years, whereas the cats might have already been bored wearing it. Besides, the old dirty collars can also cause fungal infection on the Cat's neck. Or, what’s more fatal is if you put the collars on your cats while they are still in the growth phase, the collar will be too narrow and can choke them.

Replace the Cat's collar periodically. If in the collars you put information about the name of your cat and your address, be sure that the information is still readable so it won’t lost its function.

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3. Cat's Stable/Bedding

If your cat has a stable, make sure it is always clean and in a good condition. Replace the stable when it’s been too old and has several broken parts. The broken stable can hurt your cat or even can make your cat run off.

Also check the bedding’s condition. The old bedding might be loved by your cats, but it can be the nest of bacteria and fleas that can endanger your Cat's health. Hence, replace the bedding when it’s been used for long.

4. Expired Foods

Don’t forget to always check the expiry dates of any foods you’re going to give to your cat. Not only the expiry date of the foods, have you also needed to check the freshness of the foods. Be sure to store the foods in a dry and well-closed place.
All About Caring For Your Pet Stuff!

5. Plastic Bowl

Plastic bowl are easy to get with cheap price. Hence, many Cat's owner use this kind of bowl for their cats. However, the plastic bowl is also easy to be broken. It can be easily clawed and bitten by the cat. If your cats accidentally swallow the plastic material, it can endanger their health. Also, the plastic bowls are known to cause allergies to some Cat's breed. So, if you don’t want to continuously replace the plastic bowl, use stainless steel or ceramic bowls are more recommended.

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Alright, Cat's lovers, those are health tips for your cats we can share with you this time. Don’t forget to pay attention on your Cat's stuff, okay? Thank you for reading and have a good day with your beloved cats.