How to Help Your Constipated Cat
Constipation in Cats Can Be Serious. Learn How to Deal With It - It’s normal if your cats sometimes can’t poop. But, when to know if the cats have constipation? What might happen if the constipation become serious? Learn the cause, how to cure and medical problem regarding constipation in cats below.

4 Ways to Help Your Constipated Cat

1. Symptoms of Constipation in Cats

Normally, cats will poop once a day. The feces of healthy cat would be medium, not too hard nor too soft. If your cat hasn’t poop for more than 48 hours, she might have constipation.

Cats with constipation will have hard poop, decreased appetite and water consumption, vomiting. They will also hide and whimper during while pooping. If your cats show this symptoms, then, you can be sure she has constipation.

2. The Cause of Constipation in Cats

Everything causes the cats to be dehydrated are the cause of constipation. Wounded buttocks of cats can also cause constipation because making them in pain during pooping.

The cats can also have megacolon that means large intestine not function well. Megacolon can cause constipation and even obstipation, a condition of serious constipation where usually it’s caused by the hindered feces movement in the intestine.

3. First Aid for Constipation

Increase water consumption is the first step you should do when you know your cat has constipation. Be sure to not place water in one spot only and if possible, place the water away from the food’s bowl.

How to Help Your Constipated Cat

If your cat refuse to drink a lot water, you may give her broth water to stimulate her. You can also increase her water consumption through her food. If normally you give her dry foods, you can give her canned foods that has more water inside. Or, you can also splash a little of water to her dry foods. If all of those are not working, you must bring your cat to the vet right away.

4. How to Prevent Constipation in Cats?

Cats are very easy to have constipation if they eat a lot but drink a little only. So, ensure your cats to get more water supply or at least equal with their foods supply. Old cats are prone to have constipation because they are easy to dehydrate. Therefore, foods supply for old cats should be more combined with wet foods.

Take your cats to do more physical activities also will help to prevent constipation. Invite your cats to play together with ball or other toys that make them to run, jump and climb. These activities if combined with healthy diet will help prevent constipation in your cats.

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Okay, that’s all about constipation in cats. Hopefully this can be a little help. Thank you for reading and have bright lovely day with your cute cat.