Most Dangerous and Deadly Cat Diseases
Dangerous Diseases in Cats with (Almost) Invisible Symptoms - Diseases in cats aren’t always showing visible symptoms. Sometimes, a cat that looks very fine suddenly becomes very ill. Because the cats shows no symptoms, sometimes taking them to the vet is too late. Therefore, regular check-up for cats might be needed to avoid any fatal disease hidden inside their body. Read below about 5 fatal diseases in cats with (almost) invisible symptoms!

5 Most Dangerous and Deadly Cat Diseases

1. Kidney Failure

The symptoms of kidney failure in cats is very slow we almost can’t see it. The symptoms are dry skin, weight loss, and smelly breath. Kidney failure in cats can be serious disease if it’s not treated properly. This disease can be detected with blood test.

2. Heart Disease

Cardiomyopathy is common disease that cause sudden death in home cats. This disease has a little bit visible symptom. The vet can recognize the symptom by hearing the rhythm of the cat’s heartbeat during check-up. If the invisible symptom can be found, the vet can do some treatment to reduce the fatal effect of the disease.
Most Dangerous and Deadly Cat Diseases

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3. Urinary Tract Obstruction

This disease reach the level “must be treated soon” when the cats show symptoms like spraying and groaning during urination. There must be a blockage in the cat’s urinary tract that can cause her to die. The existence of this blockage is actually can be detected earlier in routine check-up.

4. Hyperthyroidism

This thyroid disease is commonly happen in cats. The symptom that can be recognized is weight loss, increased appetite and drinking a lot. However, these symptoms are often unnoticed by many cat’s owners. Hyperthyroidism can be detected earlier with blood check-up regularly. Don’t wait until the symptoms appear.
Most Dangerous and Deadly Cat Diseases

5. Diabetes

Just like in human, diabetes in cats is also fatal. The early symptoms of diabetes in cats are increasing appetite, high frequency of urination, weight loss and drinking a lot. Those symptoms are not always visible. Sometimes in elder cats, those symptoms are considered normal signs of aging. Diabetes in cats can be detected earlier with routine blood test.

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Alright, cat lovers, so those are 5 fatal diseases with (almost) invisible symptoms in cats we think you need to know. By knowing this disease, you can at least anticipate shall any of your cats show the symptom. Or, you can prevent it by giving your cat regular check-up with the vet. Thank you for reading and we wish you the best days with your cute feline friend.