Savannah cats facts
Some Things You Didn't Know About Savannah Cats - If you want to adopt an exotic cat that looks like a wild cat but with domestic cat behavior, Savannah Cat is probably the best choice. The breed has spotted coat like wild cat, but they are known very tame. Let’s dig interesting facts about Savannah cat below!

Some Things You Didn't Know About Savannah Cats

1. Wild Look, Tame Behavior

Savannah cats are famous with their exotic appearance. Their coat has spotted pattern like wild cat. Savannah cat is the result of cross-breed between African wild cat, Serval and domestic cat.
Savannah cats facts

The breed has long ears, slim and long body and weight up to 13 kilograms. Although they have body shape and fur pattern like the wild cat, Savannah cat adopt domestic cat’s behavior. They are even alright if you taking them to walk around with leash. They are also sociable with other animals.

2. Favorite Activities

As tame as they are, Savannah cats still have wild cat side in their psychic. This breed is known very active and always curious of something new. Savannah cats like to jump, run and catch prey. So, if you have other pet such as birds or fishes, be careful in raising this cat together with them.
Savannah cats facts

Also, ensure you have enough space for the cats to play around. Having wide yard is recommended. Or, at least provide cat tree inside the house. You certainly don’t want your furniture broken because of their claws, right?

3. Favorite Foods

Some Savannah cat’s lover might recommend you to give the cats with raw food. However, you can still give them dry food or canned food like you do to domestic cats. The point is you must give nutritious foods for the cats so they can grow and live well with you.

4. Can Anyone Raise Savannah Cat?

Savannah cats facts

Hmm, if you’re interested with this cat and decide to raise one, you should know this thing first. It’s a fact that Savannah cat might be only suitable with expert cat owner. It means, an ideal owner for this cat is one who has had experience of raising cats in the past. Why? Because Savannah cats are known to need a lot of attention. They are vocal in voicing their needs, and very active. Be sure you have enough time – at least once a day – to play or do some activities with this cat.

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Nah, now that you’ve known those facts about Savannah cats, are you still interesting in taking them as your pet? As long you have patience and enough time, we think you will be able to raise the cat well. Thank you for reading.