How to Reduce Fever in Cats - Like human, cats can also get fever. Normal temperature for the cats is 37.7 until 39.1 Celsius degrees. If your cat has temperature more than that, then your cat is getting fever. What to do when the cat gets fever? Don’t be panic, do these 4 steps first aid!
First Aid for Cat with Fever

Fever in Cats: Symptoms and Treatments

1. Checking the Temperature 

Commonly, a feverish cat shows symptoms like weakness, lazy to move, trembling, fast and short breathing, and more hair fall. The fever is usually accompanied with diarrhea, vomiting, sneezing, and coughing.
First Aid for Cat with Fever

To ensure whether your cat is getting fever or not, check her temperature. Prepare thermometer, alcohol, and petroleum jelly. Clean the tip of the thermometer with alcohol, wipe with tissue paper. Insert the thermometer into the cat’s anus, wait until the thermometer goes off. If the temperature is reaching 40 Celsius degrees, take your cat to the vet right away.

2. Spray Some Water

The cats lose their body’s heat through sweat gland on their sole of feet and panted. Take your cat to the room with ceramic floor. Put a fan on the floor and ensure the fan blows to the cat’s whole body. Place an ice bag on her body or her sole of feet. If your cat can tolerate water, spray some water or wipe her body with wet cloth.
First Aid for Cat with Fever

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3. Give Enough Drink

Fever can be caused by dehydration and it can also cause dehydration. Because of this matter, it’s important to provide water all day long when your cat gets fever. If she refuses drinking, force her with syringe.

Rehydrating a feverish cat can reduce her high temperature. If the fever is accompanied with diarrhea and vomiting, you can give about 3 drops of young coconut water every 3 hours. Young coconut water is good for rehydration as well as neutralizing poison. Ensure the coconut water is fresh and not more than 1 day in storage.

4. Give enough foods

Fever cause your cat become very weak. Therefore, she will need enough food supply. Your cat might lose her appetite. You can try giving her softer foods with peanut aroma. If she still refuses eating, give her special milk for cat using syringe.

After doing those 4 steps of first aid, bring your cat to the vet. The cause of fever can be various things such as parasite infection, inflammation, poisoning, endocrine disorder, drugs and even cancer. The vet will check your cat carefully to diagnose it and give the proper medicine for your beloved cat.

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Alright, cat lovers, those are about what to if your cat suddenly gets fever. Relax and do those steps as the first aid for your cat. We hope it can be a little help. Thank you for reading.