Hair Loss in Cats
How to Cope or Deal with Hair Loss in Cats - Hair loss in cats can happen any time regardless the race of the cat. It’s actually kind of natural for the cats to get their hair loss, but when the amount is too much, it can be a symptom to some illness. Therefore, finding the cause of the hair loss would be helpful to cope with them. Below we compile some common ways of how to cope with hair loss in cats. Let’s check them together.

6 Ways to Deal and Get Real With Cat Hair

1. Taking Care as Usual

When the cause of the hair loss is natural ones like pregnancy, mating season or after getting medical treatment, then you can just stay relax and let them be. Your cat usually will be fine if the cause is natural cause like those ones. Just take care of your cat as usual.

2. Bathing Your Cat

You know, bathing your cat properly and regularly can also help her make out with hair loss. Besides, with the right way of bathing, your cat will be healthier as well. The bathing can free her from parasite and bacteria that can influence cats’ hair health.

3. Giving Vitamins

Giving suitable vitamin for your cat. For the problem of hair loss, you can feed your cat with a multivitamin that has omega 3 fatty acids. It might enhance your cat’s skin health and alleviate hair loss.

However, if you see your cat gets hair loss after constantly itching, you can consult your vet whether you can apply some flea preventative for her. Usually this flea prevention is given monthly to eliminate fleas and other insects causing cats’ skin and hair problem.

4. Combing the Cat’s Hair

Hair Loss in Cats
Regular combing is necessary for the cats although they can clean groom themselves. So, spare your time to comb your cat regularly. For long-haired cats, it’s need to comb them daily and once or twice a week for short-haired ones.

5. Replacing Some Cat’s Product

Does your cat get hair loss after you shampooing her with new shampoo you recently bought? If the answer is yet, then you need to replace it and find the suitable one. Never use human shampoo for your cat. Also, avoid any cat’s shampoo that contains artificial dyes, parabens, sodium laurel sulphate and petrochemicals.

6. Make Your Cat Comfortable

If your cat gets hair loss after house moving or after there is something new in your household, then your cat might be stress. She needs comfort to make her feeling at peace again. Make her comfortable by buying some toys she will like, for example. Or, take her to play with you, ensure her that the new house is just fine.

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Okay, cats lover, now you have known how to cope with hair loss in cats. We hope this one will be helpful enough. Stay love your feline friend and thank you for reading.