The Most Attractive Cat Breeds
5 of the Most Attractive Cat Breeds in the World - There are so many cat’s breeds todays. Almost all of them are very attractive and unique. Some races are quite rare so they cannot be found easily. What will you name when you are asked about the most attractive cat’s breeds in the world? Each of you must have different answers, right? Below we compile our answer about the most attractive cat’s breed in the world.

Top 5 Most Attractive Cat Breeds in the World

1. American Wirehair

American Wirehair - Most Attractive Cat Breeds
American Wirehair is a breed of domestic cat. They originates from New York, United States. Their most visible physical trait is their wavy fur. They are short-haired type with normal body form as the common cats.

They are known to be smart, loyal and very friendly. American Wirehair also very interested in something new. Upon adult their weight can reach up to 7.5 kilograms. Commonly, their lifespan is around 15-16 years.

2. Ragdoll

Ragdoll - Most Attractive Cat Breeds
Ragdoll’s origin is from California. They are well-known for their blue eyes and distinctive color-point fur. They are semi-longhair cat with silky and soft fur. Their body is big and muscular which can weigh up to 9 kilograms upon adult.

Compared to other cat’s breeds, Ragdoll is the cat with the most interest in playing with human. They are loyal, calm and friendly. For the activity, they are the type which are not too active. So, it can be safe to keep them as pet if you live in apartment.

3. Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold - Most Attractive Cat Breeds
Scottish Fold have very visible unique trait that is their folded ears. Some of them even have almost-closed ears which are caused by imperfect genetic mutation. Nevertheless, this cats are much loved because of their cuteness.

Scottish Fold is also known as Scot Fold originates from Scotland. They have very sensitive instinct. This breed is known to be very quiet and easy to be interested in something new.

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4. Russian Blue

Russian Blue is Most Attractive Cat Breeds
Russian Blue is beautiful cat’s breed with shiny bluish grey coat. This coat’s color makes them very attractive to the cat’s lovers. The most attractive point from this breed is not only on their beautiful fur, but even more from unique personality.

This breed is known to be very sensitive with their owner’s emotional state. Thus make them develop very close bond with their owner. Russian Blue are also identified as very smart, full of curiosity, and active cat.

5. Bengal

Bengal Most Attractive Cat Breeds
The last but not the least come into this most attractive cat’s breeds list is Bengal cat. They are very popular nowadays because of their sociable, friendly and active personality. And of course, because they have unique coat like leopard.

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Bengal cat are the third breed of cross-breed between American Shorthair (ASH) and Asian Leopard Cat (ALC). Upon adult, they can reach 7 kilograms of weight. Normally, their lifespan is around 14 – 15 years.