Prepare cats litter box
How to prepare a litter box for cat - Cat is one of the cutest pet in the world. Many people in every part of the world like to take this furred animal as their pet. However, as cute as they are, cats can also be very annoying when they start making trouble inside your happy home.

One of the most common problem of having the cats in home is their habit of randomly poop or pee. It’s certainly smelly and disgusting when that happens, right? You sure want your cat to poop or pee at the right place, don’t you? You need to do something so your cat will not poop or pee randomly in the home. First, read some tips below.

How to prepare a litter box for cat

1. Prepare Big Litter Boxes

Even if your cat is a kitten, you need to prepare a big litter box. At least choose a litter box that is 1.5 times bigger than your cat’s body. Besides, as the cat grows very fast, buying big litter box is saving more money too.

The big litter boxes will make the cats comfortable to pee inside because they can move easily to make most enjoyable pose during pooping or peeing. If the litter boxes are too small for them, they will ignore the boxes and choose other places to pee. Be cautious!

2. Choosing Enclosed Litter Boxes

Prepare cats litter box
There are many advantages if you choose this type of litter box. Although the price is more expensive than the open type, but it really worth it. Your home will be free from the possibility of bad smell caused by the cats’ poop and pee. Also, it can avoid spilled sand that might happen due to your cat habits of sand digging before defecating.

3. Choosing the Right Sand 

Prepare cats litter box
Some cats might dislike sand with certain aroma, so better to choose plain sand. Choose the type of the sand that doesn’t contain dust because it can affect your cats’ lungs. Choose the sand that can be easily scooped and the ones that is familiar to your cat.

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4. Additional Tools

Prepare cats litter box
The last but not the least, you also need to have additional tool like mini scoop and cloth. The scoop is used to scoop your cat’s feces and the cloth can be placed under the box for preventing spilled sand to foul your home.

Alright, those are what we can shared with you about preparing litter boxes for cats. We hope it can be a little help. See you again in the other tips. Have a lovely day with your cat. Thank you for reading.