Ringworm Symptoms in Cats
Ringworm in Cats - Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment - Are your beloved cat rub their body excessively? Are there some parts of her head getting bald? Be cautious, your feline friend might be infected by ringworm, one of the most common problems in the cat’s health. Let’s read below about ringworm in cats.

How to Cure Cats with Ringworm

1. The Symptoms of Ringworm Infection

Ringworm is an infection caused by fungi that affect the cats’ hair, skin or nails. This infection mostly cause hair loss in cats, sometimes even make them bald. This disease have classic symptoms that you can see directly on the cat’s head, ear and other front areas like the stomach. However, some cats might bring ringworm’s spore without showing any of those symptoms.

This disease can cause baldness that sometimes has reddish color in its center. In the medium level of case, you can see specific area of baldness with reddish color or dandruff. In the more serious case, you can see those symptoms on the cat’s whole body.

2. Which Cat’s Race Prone to Ringworm?

Actually any race of cats have the possibility to get this infection. However, kitten that ages less than 1 year or elder ones are the most prone to be infected by ringworm. Also, any long-haired cats and cats with low immunity are also prone to ringworm.

3. How to Prevent Ringworm in Cats?

As ringworm is fungal infection, it will easily grow in compact environment because of its humid and warm condition. To prevent this fungi live in your cat’s body, always ensure the cleanliness of your home. If you raise several cats, give them more spaces, avoid too narrow stable or place for their living area.

4. What to Do when the Cats are Infected by Ringworm?

When you are suspicious of your cat getting ringworm infection, you should take her to your vet soon to be checked up. It’s because this infection is highly contagious. If you raise more than one cats, you need to isolate cat with ringworm from other cats until your vet confirm the result.

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5.  Medication for Ringworm Infection

Ringworm Symptoms in Cats
The medication for ringworm infection depends on the level of acuteness. The vet might prescribes shampoo or ointment to exterminate the fungi. In certain cases, the vet might give oral medication. This medication usually takes months to be done because ringworm is quite difficult to be fully exterminated. Hence, you must have more patience.

6. Preventing the Spreading of Ringworm

There are several things you can do to prevent the spreading of ringworm in your home.
  • Bathe all of your pets with anti-fungi shampoo  (if you have other pets)
  • Cleanly wash cat’s bed and toys with fungal disinfectant
  • Throw out cat’s stuff that cannot be washed with disinfectant like carpeted cat tree.
  • Regularly clean the house with vacuum cleaner 

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Alright cat’s lovers, those are about ringworm in cats, on how to learn the symptoms, how to prevent and what medication required. We hope this information can be a little help. Thank you for reading.