Information about Russian Blue Cat Breed
Russian Blue Cat Beautiful Personality, about information and facts - For me, the name of Russian Blue sounds like a title of a movie or romantic story. What about you? Well, apparently this cat really has a kind of romantic side in their bond with their owner. Are you curious with this cat? Let’s get to know them!

Russian Blue information and facts you should know


The real origin from Russian Blue is not really known. However, some cat’s experts believe that this short-haired bluish grey cat live in The White Sea peninsula, Port Arkhangelsk at the early 17th century.

Physical Trait

Russian Blue has medium body size, short haired, and fine bone structure. Their coat are bluish grey with silver ambience in every tip of their fur which makes them like shining. Usually, their weigh can reach up to 5.5 kilograms upon adult. Normally their life span is 10-15 years. The male Russian Blue is bigger than the female one.


Information about Russian Blue Cat Breed
This breed is a little bit shy to strangers. In a matter of relationship with their owner, they are known to be able developing a very close bond with them. They are sensitive with their owner’s emotional state.

Russian Blue is also very loyal, clever and independent. Besides being able to develop close bond with their owner, this breed also close with other pets. Hence, you can rest assure to have this cat as your pet while raising your other pets.

Most cats of Russian Blue are known to be quiet. Nevertheless, they are energetic and love to play with various toys. They have awesome ability for leaping and climbing. You need to provide enough toys for this cat because they can be somewhat mischievous if they are bored.

This race is identified to have high intelligence. They can memorize things very well, including people faces. So, despite their usual reserved personalities, they can race to greet familiar faces even though the said people has been quite long not meeting them.

Health Condition and Raising Tips

Russian Blue tend to have stable health, seldom to be ill if they are taken care properly. This cat also doesn’t have any genetic anomaly. What you need to be careful in taking care of this cat is the fact that they like to eat very much. Hence, you must balance their foods nutrition so they will not get obesity.
Information about Russian Blue Cat Breed

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Physical treatment of this breed is also fairly simple. You just need to cut their nails once a week or once in two weeks. They also doesn’t like to be combed often, because they can do it themselves.

Okay, cat lovers, that’s a little bit about Russian Blue. Are you interested in adopting this cat now? Anyway, they are very attractive cat, right? Thank you for reading and always love the feline friend.