The stuffs to rising cat
Tips for new cat owners: Everything You Need to Know About Raising Your First Cat - Raising a cat would be a certain pleasure for a cat lover. If you are now deciding to raise a cat in your home, there are several must-stuffs you need to provide first before taking the cat into the home. What are they? Find out below 6 stuffs you must have before raising a cat.

What Do You Need for Raising a Cat/Kitten? This The 6 Things You Must Have!

1. Foods and Drinks Container

The Stuffs You Need for Raising a Cat
Foods and drinks bowl made from ceramic or stainless steel are more recommended than those made from plastic material. This is to prevent your cat from allergy which sometimes experienced by certain cat’s breeds. The ceramic bowls are also heavier so it prevent foods or drinks to be spilled caused by cat’s move.

2. Litter Box and Sand for Cat

The Stuffs You Need for Raising a Cat
This stuff is very important to have if you don’t want your cat randomly poops or pees. Usually, litter box is available in two types: open and enclosed. Although enclosed type is better in preventing the smell to be spread in the house, but the smell will be trapped inside the box which can make your cat disturbed. Hence, better choose the open type.

Consider well the size of the litter box before buying. Ensure your cat will be comfortable to be inside the box. Then, after that you will need to buy the sand. There are several kind of sands. Choose the one that most suitable with your need.

3. Cat’s Bed

The Stuffs You Need for Raising a Cat
There are various cat’s bed you can buy outside. Choose the one with soft and warm mattress for the feline friend. Some cat’s beds may be equipped with warmer system that can warm your cat. But, if you are in budget, you can try to make cat’s bed using clean used clothes.

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4. Grooming Kits

The Stuffs You Need for Raising a Cat
If you want to do self-grooming, you are required to buy cat’s shampoo, hair dryer, cat’s nail clipper, and special comb or brush for cat. Usually if you raise long haired cat you will need these grooming kits more than if you raise short haired ones.

5. Scratching Post

The Stuffs You Need for Raising a Cat
Naturally, the cats like to claw to keep her paw strong. Hence, if you don’t want furniture in your home to be scratched, you need to buy this stuff: scratching post. You can also make them yourself to save the budget.

6. Pet Cargo (Portable Cat’s Stable)

The Stuffs You Need for Raising a Cat
Pet cargo is required to have when you want to take your cat with you in travelling or going outside. Buy the one which size suitable with your cat body, do not choose to small pet cargo. With this pet cargo, you can travel more safely with your cat.

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Okay, those are 6 stuffs you must have before raising a cat. So, don’t forget to buy those stuff in order your cat can be happier live with you. Thank you for reading.