Why Has My Cat Stopped Grooming
Why is your cat not grooming himself/herself? - Cats are well-known for their exceptional ability in grooming themselves. They usually grooms several times a day. By grooming, the cats can remove their fall-off fur, dead skin cell, and any other dirt from their body. Grooming also helps the cats to control their body temperature. Healthy cats will not abandon their fur. Therefore, if you find your cat hasn’t groomed at all for more than one day, there’s must be something wrong with her. Learn below the reasons to why your cat stops grooming.

Why Has My Cat Stopped Grooming Herself/Himself?

1. Joint Pain

Joint pain can be occurred in any cats regardless the age, while arthritis usually attacks elder cats only. Joint pain can be caused by many things. It makes the cats difficult to move and lick certain parts of their body. You may also find your cat won’t be able to jump or climb like she used to do.

2. Obesity

A cat with obesity problem will also have difficulty in reaching certain parts of her body. When the obesity is the cause, it can be a hindrance in grooming because it lessen the cat’s flexibility. For example, they will be difficult to lick their back and stomach. If your cat is corpulent and she has stopped grooming, you can help her to reduce her weight by giving healthy diet and take her to do some physical activities.

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3. Mouth Problem

Why Has My Cat Stopped Grooming
Any problem in teeth, gum or tongue can also be the reason to why your cat stops grooming. If you find your cat stops grooming with excessive drool, swollen gum and change in her eating habit, take your cat right away to the vet.

4. Hair is Too Long

Long haired cats with long and dense coat usually have difficulty in cleaning the root of their hair and skin. This makes the cats’ hair to be crumpled and dirty. If your cat stops grooming because of this reason, better taking her to professional groomer so they can get proper grooming as well as tidying their long hair.

5. Illness

Why Has My Cat Stopped Grooming
Any change happen in your cat, whether it is in her behavior, eating habit, or grooming habit is a sign that your cat has health problem. You should pay attention to any change with your cat as the cats are known for their ability to hide their illness. If you’re not careful enough, you might suddenly find her in serious condition. For example, your cat stops grooming can also be a sign to serious disease like kidney-failure or thyroid problem.

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Okay, so those are the reasons to why your cat stops grooming. So, you need to always notice any change in your cat’s behavior right? Thank you for reading and have a good day with your cute cat.