How to Befriend a Shy Cat - A cat who has experienced violence or is late to be introduced with her nearby environment – ideally to be introduced at 2-12 weeks old – usually tend to be shy. If you find difficulty to interact with such cat, let’s read some tips below so you can overcome it and befriend with her.
How to Befriend a Shy Cat

Helping Your Shy Cat Feel More Comfortable

1. Motivate the Cat with Foods

Let the cat stay inside her stable. The purpose of this step is to build positive initial interaction with a shy cat or even an aggressive ones. However, not every cat can be motivated with food. You can try to check whether the cat can be motivated with food by offering her some food using the tip of the cat teaser. Choose the stick that has no feather or other accessories at its tip. Put the food on the stick’s tip and see the cat’s reaction to the food.

Wait and see whether the cat smells or licks the food you’ve offered. If she ignores the foods, move the stick to the cat’s nose direction. What we want by this movement is in order the cat licks the food, not bites it and then slowly will eat it.

Sometimes, although the cat is motivated by the food, she won’t just accept the food from the beginning. If the case is like that, you can continue to keep offering the food. Along this phase, notice the cat’s behavior. If the cat aggressive to the food by striking and yowling, don’t use the same food to motivate her.

2. Caress with Cat Teaser 

This second step is done to make the cat comfortable with our presence in the open stable. Sit in front of the stable. Call the name of the cat and touch her with the cat teaser starting from her head to her neck, also caress her chin. Some cats may dislike their head to be caressed, so you can start the caressing from the forehead – between their eyes – because the cats usually will like it.
How to Befriend a Shy Cat

3. Caress with Cat Teaser and Hand

Introducing our hand is a big step for the cat. Therefore, do it slowly. The purpose of this third step is caressing from the head to tail using the cat teaser and hand. You can wear hand gloves to avoid her paws. Always start with food. Touch her slowly, if the cat fizzes, stop your movement for a second, then start again. Do this step repeatedly while giving her snacks. We want the cat to understand that we are caressing her not to hurt her.

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4. Caress with Hand

At this forth step, you can caress the cat without the cat teaser. Just like previous steps, you can start with offering some food. When the cat starts eating the food, you can start to caress her. If she reacts positively, continue the caressing on her head. If the cat is like going to bite, press a little on the head.

5. Take the Cat Out of the Stable

Start this step with snacks and caressing. Caress the cat’s head repeatedly, then lift her front legs. Then, return the cat to her previous position. Do this repeatedly. If the cat is comfortable with this step, you can lift her whole body but still inside the stable. When she has been used to be lifted, you can take her out of the stable and put her on your lap.
How to Befriend a Shy Cat

6. Spending time in the Real Room with the Cat

When the cat has been used to be on your lap, now it’s the time to spend your time with her in the real room. Put her in the middle of the room and look her reaction. If she is confident enough, the cat will come closer to us and curious to what you do.

For several days at this stage, try to not make any noise that can startle the cat. Because the cat is known to like static environment. Provide a hiding place for her hiding anytime she needs it.

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Okay, after reading those steps, isn’t easy to befriend with a shy cat? Yes, it requires more patience. But, it will worth it. So, just try with the love for the cat. Thank you for reading.