Cat Not Eating? Learn the Causes & Solutions - While cats are well-known for being picky, it can be serious problem if they stop eating at all. As the cats’ owner and lover, you must be curious to know what actually happens with your cats so they stop eating, right? Without much ado, find the cause and solutions below.
Why Cats Not Eating?

The Danger if the Cats Stop Eating; When cats don’t eat, they will rely on their fat reserves for their energy. Before the reserved fat can be used as the energy, it should be processed first by their liver. This process requires sufficient amount of protein.

However, when the cats stop eating, the protein supplies will not be sufficient and their liver will soon be exhausted. If this condition is ignored, the cats will be ill and might get a disease named hepatic lipidosis. The disease can lead to liver failure.

Why the Cats Stop Eating?

1. Diseases

Before stops eating, the cats usually starts losing appetite. When this happen, you can be sure that there is something wrong with the cats. Hence, carefully notice when your cats suddenly stops eating. This may lead to some diseases like infections, cancer, intestinal problems and kidney failure.

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2. Vaccination Effect

If your cats stops eating after getting recent vaccination, then probably their appetite loses because of the shot they get. If this is the cause, be calm and wait a while because usually this effect won’t last long. However, if they continue to stops eating for several days, you need to take them to the vet right away.
Why Cats Not Eating?

3. Unfamiliar Surrounding

When your cats stop eating because you bring them travel to unfamiliar surroundings, then it’s normal. Moreover if your travel by plane or ship, your cats might get nausea resulting them to refuse eating. Let them relax, make them comfort with the new area and then they might gain their appetite again.
Why Cats Not Eating?

4. Psychological Matter

If you have brought the cats to the vet for check-up and he/she says nothing’s wrong with your cats’ body, then the reasons might because of their psychological. Some cats are sensitive enough to change of household, people or schedule. If this is the case, then let your cat adapt with the new things slowly. Keep trying to give food they usually like. Usually it’s just about time.

Cat Not Eating: Solutions and Treatments 

Solutions and Treatments to Cat not eating

Be cautious when your cats stop eating regardless what causing it. It’s because the condition possibly lead to fatal disease if you keep ignore it. If the illness is the cause of your cats stop eating, there’s no other way but to bring them to the vet right away. And if the causes are other things like above, you can give them first aid as mentioned and then take them to the vet when the condition persists.

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So, always be caring of your beloved cat. We hope you find this useful. Thank you for reading and see you again next time.