Understanding your cat's behaviour and body language Showing Their Health Condition - Cats are known as the animal that are very expert at hiding their pain. They act like that because of their natural instinct to protect their body from the wild nature. This kind of instinct, you know, even still exists for home cat!
Cats Body Language in Health Condition

The problem is when suddenly our cat becomes very ill whereas previously they look just fine. Therefore we need to know how to understand when the cats are feeling pain or when they aren’t healthy. One of the way to know it is by understanding the cat’s body language.

Cat Body Language: How to Shows Their Health Condition

1. Body Position

A sick cat will often sit while bending her body down. She will arch its back like a curve, head position will be lower and her paws will be inserted under her body. Instead of laying on the ground, the sick cat will show such sitting position.
Cats Body Language in Health Condition

2. Eyes Expression

The cat is the animal with very expressive eyes. The healthy cat usually has bright eyes. The eyes will normally react to any lights and things. As for the sick cat, usually their eyes’ pupils will widen regardless the existence of light. The eyes also will look empty. They will not directly stare at us or at any other things like their foods or toys, for example. Check whether your cat has such eyes’ expression or not!

3. Different Sound

If we try to touch our cat’s body that we assume is in pain, we will hear a meow that sounds like crying or fizzing from her. Or, she will even bite! If your cat usually like to meow, you can try listening closely at the difference of her meows. Try to notice whether she meows more often or demanding.

4. Licking More Often

Pay attention at our cat’s habit of licking. The sick cat usually licks certain parts of her body more often. For example, a cat with FLUTD (feline lower urinary tract disease), she will often lick her genital. If we find this kind of symptoms along with higher frequency of her going to litter box, we need to take her soon to the vet.
Cats Body Language in Health Condition

5. Hiding

A silent, dark and hidden place will be a kind of sanctuary by a sick cat. If we find our beloved cat suddenly like to hide and sit with bending down position, it can be a sign that the cat is sick.

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Alright, that’s all we can share with you this time about how  Cats body language shows their health condition. Hopefully it can be a help for you in understanding your cat. Thank you for reading. Have a happy day with the feline friend.