Is Your Cat Sad or Depression? Sad Cat Signs, Symptoms, and Solutions - Like us human, our cats can also feel sadness or depression. Although they might look ignorant, the cats are actually very sensitive. They can experience emotional leap that is caused by little things.
The Ways to Tell if Your Cat Is Depressed

Many things can cause cats to be sad or depressed. From the lack of playing room until the absence of the owner can cause the cats to be sad or depressed. If this depression continues, it will affect the cats’ health. Hence, it’s important for us to learn the signs of sadness or depression in cats.

Depression in Cats, Symptoms and Treatment

1. Decreased Appetite

Usually, the healthy cats like eating very much. For them, the nicest time might be the meal time. Sometimes because they are too happy when the meal time comes they will express it by running around our feet and staring at us while meowing. However, when the cats are depressed, they tend to ignore the foods and do not want to eat although we give their favorite foods.
The Ways to Tell if Your Cat Is Depressed

2. Aggressive

Depression can make the cutest cats become aggressive. The cats that are experiencing depression usually like to be alone. So, when we touch them when they are in that condition, the cats will react unusually by fizzing, growling or even attacking.

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3. Change of Grooming’s Frequency

Cat Depression Signs and Solutions

We all know that the cats like grooming themselves very much. When usually the cats grooms often, then suddenly they seldom doing it until the fur looks very oily, dull and tousled, it might be the sign the cats are depressed. Some other cats might become too often grooming when they are depressed. They are too often grooming until some parts of their body become irritated, hurt and bald.

4. Meowing Too Often

We can learn what a cat wants by the sound of her meow. Different tone of meow usually convey different meaning. The depressed cat usually expresses her sadness by yowling at night. When your cat are like this, be careful, she might be sad or depressed.

5. Cats Like to Hide

Cat Depression Signs and Solutions

Some cats naturally do not like cuddling with their master. Therefore, when our cats which usually like cuddling with us then suddenly they like hiding from us, then probably our cats are getting depressed. If our cat like this, we should look for the cause that make them depressed and try to cope with the problem. If we cannot do it ourselves, we can ask the vet or any friend who is more experience with cats.

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Alright, cat lovers, that’s all about learning the signs of sadness or depression in cats. Pay attention to your cat regularly and recognizes any changes in them. Thank you for reading and have a good time with your beloved cat.